Queen Letizia’s favorite tiaras

The wife of the monarch of Spain has at her disposal the most beautiful Bourbon family jewels, including magnificent tiaras made in a variety of styles.

Любимые тиары королевы Летиции

Becoming the wife of the Spanish heir to the throne, the former TV journalist Letizia Ortiz received not only the prospect of becoming the queen of the country, but also the opportunity to someday enjoy the precious heritage of the Spanish Crown, which here bears the elegant name “Joyas de pasar” (that is, jewelry that can only be worn by the spouses of monarchs). However, even being in the status of the Princess of Asturias, Letizia hardly felt the need for new jewelry: her mother-in-law, Queen Sofia, always generously lent her family jewelry. That is why, in most cases, at state receptions and banquets, the princess’s head was always decorated with a diamond tiara.

Letizia has held the title of Queen Consort since 2014 – and is now free to choose crown jewels for herself. Her Majesty did not immediately realize the charms of her new status, but it seems that Letizia has been feeling more comfortable lately, wearing exclusive and expensive jewelry, as well as magnificent tiaras. What decorations Letizia has already managed to walk in the status of a princess and queen — we show below.

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