Physiognomy lessons: what the nose can tell about your character

The nose is a bright component of the appearance, which can reveal a lot about your inner self. How do you learn to read a person’s character by his nose and find an approach even to the most closed personalities?

Уроки физиогномики: что нос может рассказать о вашем характере

The first impression of a person often determines our further communication with him. Everyone knows that they are met by “clothes”, including facial features. Can the nose tell us something important about the interlocutor? Plastic surgeon, MD and rhinoplasty expert Tigran Aleksanyan and psychiatrist, narcologist, psychotherapist, PhD, expert on working with the subconscious Veronika Petrovna Sysoeva shared their observations with us.

Today, physiognomy, the study of the relationship between a person’s character and his appearance, is officially considered a pseudoscience. It appeared in Antiquity, and in recent years has become popular again due to the general surge of interest in spiritual and esoteric practices.

But in China and other Asian countries, there is a whole Ngo Heng teaching, whose masters can barely look at a person’s face and tell about his past and future. They assign a special role to the nose. Each part of it is responsible for one or another sphere of life. 

Уроки физиогномики: что нос может рассказать о вашем характере

The tip of the nose characterizes the inner world of its owner. The larger this part of the nose, the more arrogance and narcissism a person has. People with a large, fleshy tip of the nose, as a rule, are friendly to others. A small tip of the nose is a sign of a greedy, evil person. Moles on the nose may indicate possible financial success.

The back of the nose is a symbol of a person’s life and family path, which can be straight or with humps-obstacles.

The wings of the nose are responsible for financial well-being. Thin and sharp wings indicate that a person is likely not to make a large fortune. Dense and rounded nose wings are a sign of material success and high prosperity.

The shape of the nostrils denotes the way of thinking of the individual. Narrow, small nostrils are characteristic of conservatives with limited views on life. Large nostrils indicate openness to new trends and ideas, non-banal approaches.

Уроки физиогномики: что нос может рассказать о вашем характере

Long nose

A sign of an intelligent, talented, intellectually developed, highly spiritual, but often conservative person. The owner of such a nose is inclined to creativity rather than to commercial enterprises.

Short nose

A sign of an open, friendly, pleasant, simple person in a good way. He is driven by instincts and emotions, not by thinking about the high or calculation. It is easy to find a common language with such a person.

Thin nose

People with such a nose, as a rule, have a hard time concentrating on one thing for a long time. At the same time, they are often overly focused on themselves, overly proud or arrogant.

Уроки физиогномики: что нос может рассказать о вашем характере

Large nose

A fleshy, voluminous nose usually belongs to kind, tolerant and pleasant people. They often help others and get help in return, and also manage finances well and make savings.

Nose with a hump

Physiognomists believe that a nose with a hump is characteristic of proud, stubborn, purposeful, but a little arrogant people. A small hump can be a sign of melancholy, and a large one can give out the degree of self—conceit of a person.

Straight nose

Its owners are, as a rule, independent individuals with their own opinions on any issue. They clearly move along the planned route and lead others. Successful in business and finance, while modest and moderate in spending.

Sharp nose

Уроки физиогномики: что нос может рассказать о вашем характере

A facial trait that is characteristic of assiduous, mentally stable workaholics who set ambitious, but realistic goals and go to them systematically.

Snub nose

An open person with easy views on life, without unnecessary doubts and reflections on the future. He can lead a bohemian, debauched lifestyle, easily earns and spends just as easily.

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Psychiatrist, narcologist, psychotherapist, candidate of medical sciences, expert in working with the subconscious, MAC, teacher in high school, instructor of Theta-healing®.

Plastic surgeon, MD and rhinoplasty expert.

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