Perfume for home: how to choose the right fragrance

The nature of the space is set by the details that fill it.

Парфюм для дома: как выбрать правильный аромат

Candles, diffusers, perfumed paper for the house – all this, of course, is not an essential item, but it is these little things that create a special style and atmosphere. We offer to understand the varieties of perfumes for the home and at the same time choose a couple of interesting aroma items.

A little history

You have definitely heard more than once about how the first perfume compositions for rooms were born (then, however, such a name was unthinkable). For the first time you could get acquainted with the subject of our discussion in history lessons, when strict teachers in modest costumes told about the magical and religious rites of ancient tribes and civilizations that burned various incense during the sacraments — backgammon, frankincense, camphor, sandalwood, myrrh, musk, ambergris.

Парфюм для дома: как выбрать правильный аромат

In general, the history of indoor aromatization is very confusing and extremely wide in geography. Here are just a few examples from the past that will help you expand your understanding of this ancient and pleasant home ritual. Thus, scented candles first appeared in the Ancient East. Priests and priestesses used them for various rituals, and then began to use them in everyday life. American women of the colonization era also contributed to the development of home scented candles, when they experimentally found out that by boiling some berries and fruits, you can get wax that not only burns well, but also smells nice.

Interestingly, back in the days before our era, the so-called perfumery for clothes was in use. The ancient Greeks hid various aromatic compounds in stored fabrics, which were mixtures of oils and powders.

Парфюм для дома: как выбрать правильный аромат

The history of the appearance of diffusers goes back to medieval Europe, when olive oil mixed with essential oils was poured into small vessels and reeds were placed inside. Actually, since that time, not much has changed here, except that the materials have become a little more modern.

Another ancient way to fumigate rooms is Armenian paper. Its history began in the XIX century, when the French traveler Auguste Ponceau visited Armenia during a trip to the Ottoman Empire. He discovered that the locals burned benzoin resin to flavor the houses. Returning to France and enlisting the support of a pharmacist friend, Ponceau immediately set up the production of unusual paper, gaining unprecedented success in salons and boudoirs. Today we are given the opportunity to choose from a variety of ways to flavor the house from candles and sticks to special electronic sprayers.

How to choose a fragrance for home

Парфюм для дома: как выбрать правильный аромат

  • The fragrance should not argue with the room. It is important to understand that the composition should emphasize, reveal and complement the interior, but not be opposed to it in any way. Therefore, before buying a fragrance for the house, decide in which room it will “live” and whether the smell is suitable for the style there.
  • The fragrance for the bedroom should be soft. And this is an extremely important rule. When choosing a fragrance for a bedroom, keep in mind that strong and bright scents that look good in the living room can cause poor health and anxious sleep.
  • Avoid menthol and citrus notes. Or at least be careful with them. Such smells stimulate excessive activity and, if this is not your goal, it is better to replace them with calmer notes of white flowers, lavender, warm spices.
  • Don’t buy cheap flavors. Good compositions can’t cost a penny. Candles bought in the supermarket, most likely, though they will burn well, but you will not get the aroma. But different diffusers, on the contrary, are more likely to exude too strong a chemical smell.

Which format to choose for flavoring

Парфюм для дома: как выбрать правильный аромат

Diffusers are a set of a vessel with a fragrant liquid and several long wooden sticks that are inserted into the container. This format is suitable for large rooms, for example, living rooms and halls. The fragrance spreads smoothly and the degree of concentration can be adjusted by using the number of sticks that are soaked in the aroma liquid and give the same smell.

Sachets are a small bag filled with fragrant herbs and spices. Such things spread an extremely delicate and mild smell, so they are usually put in drawers with clothes or behind the pillows of sofas and beds.

Armenian paper — strips of paper soaked in essential oils. When burned, they exude a subtle pleasant aroma. Half a minute of smoldering plank to flavor the air and absorb foreign odors in the room.

Candles are the most common format of all presented, they are suitable for use in both large and small rooms. Their competitive advantage is a persistent and diverse fragrance. Perfume compositions of candles are often not inferior to good perfumes, moreover, they are often repeated. In addition, scented candles often act as a self-sufficient decorative element, which is not a shame to put on public display.

Парфюм для дома: как выбрать правильный аромат

Perfumed paper, unlike the previous version, does not need to be set on fire. It is put in drawers, suitcases and cabinets to eliminate unpleasant odors in a small enclosed space. The principle of operation is similar to that of Sasha, but it is still worth noting that in this case we are talking about more delicate work.

Dried flowers are another way to give the room a pleasant aroma. It is customary to steal compositions from dried flowers in open vases and put them on shelves. They are suitable for scenting any premises, except kitchens and bathrooms, as they can absorb foreign odors. The main disadvantage is a short service life, because even the most beautiful and fragrant lavender will lose its charm in a couple of weeks.

Sprays and perfumes are the easiest and fastest way to give a pleasant aroma to a room. Among the advantages are speed, persistent aroma, the ability to control the intensity of the aroma. They are suitable for absolutely any premises.

Aroma lamps warm up the essential oil, which, under the influence of temperature, begins to evaporate, releasing aromatic substances. The lamp works according to the following principle: water is poured into the container, where essential oil is dripped. A candle is placed under this container, which heats the aromatic composition. It is best to use aroma lamps in spacious rooms.

Парфюм для дома: как выбрать правильный аромат


Like perfumes, home fragrances need time to unfold. Therefore, do not expect an instant transformation of the room immediately after lighting a candle or spraying perfume. It will be possible to fully feel the charm of the fragrance only after 20-30 minutes, when the composition really takes over the space. Consider this moment when you decide to update the smell of the room before the arrival of guests.

Which fragrance to choose now

Парфюм для дома: как выбрать правильный аромат

As we wrote above, the fragrance you have chosen should not argue with the interior and the general style of the elements”). However, despite this, there are certain cliches in the world of home perfumery that make it easier to navigate by flavors and speed up the selection process. So, one of them is orientation for the current season.

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