Perfect nails: 5 VKontakte public posts about manicure trends

We have collected publications that will be useful to all girls who are interested in nail design and are looking for inspiration.

Идеальные ногти: 5 пабликов ВКонтакте о маникюрных трендах


The creators of the public “” are real professionals in their field. They share manicure life hacks with their subscribers, analyze the most common mistakes and post examples of works that are worth looking up to. By the way, it is very easy to navigate in the public and find the information you need thanks to numerous thematic headings.


Why does it sometimes happen that the gel polish coating peels off from the nail? What are the “chips” of the work that distinguish a good manicure master from a bad one? And how to start a career in the beauty industry? The answers to all these questions can be found in the public “”. Subscribers in it are very active and responsive, so if you are concerned about some specific problem related to manicure, feel free to contact them for advice.

FoxyNails: Manicure, nail design

Looking for inspiration, as well as new and interesting nail design ideas? Then be sure to go to the public “”. Here are the most beautiful thematic collections of manicure in various colors and techniques. Save the works that you like, so that the next time you visit a beauty salon, you can explain exactly to your master what you want.

Идеальные ногти: 5 пабликов ВКонтакте о маникюрных трендах

Home manicure | Nail design novelties

If you don’t have time to visit a beauty salon or you want to learn how to do professional nail design at home on your own, then you should subscribe to the public “”. Thanks to informative articles and video tutorials that are regularly published here, you will learn how to do a manicure no worse than masters with specialized education.


In the public “” you will find step-by-step lessons on creating nail design, as well as the most trending manicure ideas for inspiration. Be sure to look into the discussions of the public — there is a lot of useful information about manicure, design materials and life hacks that only top masters know.

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