Osteopath’s Tips: 7 ways to relieve a headache without pills (with video)

We tell and show you how to get rid of headaches on your own without resorting to the help of analgesics, as well as quickly relieve fatigue, improve the functioning of the vessels of the head and accelerate hair growth.

Советы остеопата: 7 способов снять головную боль без таблеток (с видео)


Headache is familiar to every person. Most often it takes us by surprise. What are we doing? As a rule, we take painkillers. But, firstly, there may not be pills at hand, and secondly, if headaches appear regularly, there is a risk of harming the stomach with a large number of analgesics. In addition, do not forget that any medicine is a poison, and its neutralization requires intensive work of the liver and kidneys. Therefore, everyone needs to know at least a few non-medicinal ways to get rid of headaches. That’s what I’m going to tell you today. 

Question one: why does my head hurt?

If, suffering from constant headaches, you went and did an MRI, and you did not find any aneurysms or tumors in the skull cavity, then the reason is most likely related to the severe head bruises you suffered earlier, which you may not even remember. For example, because they were received in early childhood. Such injuries cause numerous consequences in the form of an increase or decrease in blood pressure, compression of blood vessels, blocks in the cervical region, glaucoma and much more. In most modern people, headaches and migraines are aggravated mainly due to the tension of the neck muscles that occurs during daily sedentary work, as well as due to numerous stresses.

Question two: is it possible to get rid of headaches for good?

Советы остеопата: 7 способов снять головную боль без таблеток (с видео)

Of course, without identifying the exact cause and the necessary treatment, seizures will not be removed. But you can remove or significantly reduce the pain on your own. During the next “episode”, try the methods I suggested below. I am sure you will find some of the most effective ones for yourself. Everyone will have their own. It depends on the individual characteristics of the person. To perform these exercises, it is enough just not to be distracted by anything. By the way, I have provided the last three methods with video instructions to make it easier for you to understand all the nuances.

1. Firmly grasp the neck muscles from behind with the whole palm or pinch with your thumb and forefinger and “pinch” them properly.

2. With your palm (or you can ask someone), quickly squeeze the upper arms first on one side, then on the other.  Both in the first and in the second case, you need to act quite energetically and rhythmically. Thus, you will increase blood circulation in the neck muscles and in the trapezius muscle. Quite severe, acute, but short—term soreness is possible – this is normal.

3. Move the fingers of both hands from the back of the head from top to bottom along the back of the neck, exerting a noticeable pressure. The hair needs to be lifted and touched directly to the skin of the neck. Thus, you will stretch the muscles somewhat and contribute to the discharge of excess blood from the cranial cavity.

4. Sitting on a chair, relax completely. Smoothly and slowly tilt your head back and lean comfortably on the back of your head. It’s better to close your eyes. Stay in this position. The attachment points of the occipital muscles in this position come as close as possible, and the muscles relax. Slowly bring your head to an upright position.

Video instructions for the following three methods

5. Grab the hair with your hand closer to the skin and then squeeze your fist several times until it feels tight and slightly painful. Walk this way over the entire scalp. After that, you will definitely feel light. The effect is achieved due to the fact that you stretch the tendon helmet through your hair, which covers the skull from above, which leads to increased mobility of the skull sutures and improved blood supply to the entire head, including the brain and facial skin. At the same time, the vessels of the scalp are released, and the hair follicles receive an influx of fresh arterial blood, which has a beneficial effect on the condition of the hair. I recommend doing this exercise not only to relieve pain, but also as part of hair care, as a way to improve overall well-being and with intellectual loads.

6. Lie down on a soft surface and relax your neck. Then, with the tips of your thumbs, find two hollows symmetrically located under the lower edge of the occipital bone, about three centimeters to the right and three centimeters to the left of the midline. Put pressure on them: you should feel a slight soreness. Hold your fingers like this until this soreness “melts”, and a feeling of warmth and softness appears under your fingers. After that, dip your fingers deeper to feel a slight soreness again. Perform the exercise until the pain completely disappears. You can perform this technique sitting, leaning back in your chair.

Советы остеопата: 7 способов снять головную боль без таблеток (с видео)

7. Take a cotton cloth, like a kitchen towel, and fold it several times to make a fairly voluminous compress. Wet it with cold water, lie down comfortably on the bed and put a wet compress on your forehead so that it covers both eyebrows and temples. Lie down like this until you feel that the fabric has become warm, turn it over and put it on the top of your head. Hold it until you feel cold and the headache subsides. The water should be very cold, and the cloth should be wet enough.

These methods will certainly help you get rid of a headache or significantly ease it. But do not forget that any manipulations only relieve unpleasant, painful sensations. In order to eliminate the cause of pain, it is necessary to contact a specialist and undergo an examination.

You will need

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Советы остеопата: 7 способов снять головную боль без таблеток (с видео)

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An osteopathic doctor. In addition to working in medicine, he runs a blog about health on Instagram. He also developed a manual direction — cranioposturology (patented the craniobalance method), which is considered more effective than classical osteopathy.

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