Osteopath’s advice: where does facial asymmetry come from and is it possible to correct it without surgery

Some imperfections of appearance are difficult to correct with the help of cosmetics. And then more effective means should be used.

Советы остеопата: откуда берется асимметрия лица и можно ли исправить ее без операции

If you take a closer look at your appearance, you will surely notice a number of features in it: for example, one eyebrow may be located slightly higher than the other, one eye may be slightly smaller than the second, and the chin may deviate from the central line of the face.

Many believe that such features are the absolute norm. So, you can often hear the phrase “everything cannot be symmetrical in the body,” and this is partly true. However, even asymmetry has its acceptable limits, beyond which it begins to cause discomfort.

But what kind of inconveniences can facial asymmetry cause? Please note: people with pronounced asymmetry usually have symptoms such as migraine, malocclusion, vision, chronic inflammation of the sinuses, impaired cerebral circulation and other unpleasant conditions.

Советы остеопата: откуда берется асимметрия лица и можно ли исправить ее без операции

If you have facial asymmetry, it means that the bones of your facial skull are positioned incorrectly. And since the skull is a single whole, it also means that not only it is displaced, but also the bones of the whole body. In a word, there is scoliosis. By the way, in order to diagnose “scoliosis”, it is not necessary for a specialist to do an X-ray of the spine, because an asymmetric face with a symmetrical body simply does not happen.

So, we have come close to the root cause of asymmetry — birth trauma. What is birth trauma? This is not only a severe violation in the classical sense (fractures, dislocation of the cervical vertebra, hemorrhage, etc.). Such conditions are quite rare. Here we are talking primarily about the displacement and compression of the bones of the skull, which the child receives during childbirth. This happens in 95% of cases, since any deviation from the correct position of the pelvic bones of the mother and any violations of the course of labor lead to birth trauma. The consequences, as a rule, manifest themselves and become visible much later. There are quite a lot of them: from the “classics— – scoliosis, hallux valgus, flat feet – to visual disturbances, sleep problems, migraines, etc.

Is it possible to “align” the face and how to remove the asymmetry?

Like other consequences of birth trauma, it is impossible to remove asymmetry in adulthood. By this time, all parts of the body have already been formed, and this cannot be changed by any influence. In rare cases, small improvements can be achieved through osteopathic treatment.

Советы остеопата: откуда берется асимметрия лица и можно ли исправить ее без операции

But the question still remains open, because facial asymmetry is a sign of birth trauma. This means that there are other consequences: flat feet, scoliosis, etc. There are many of them, they significantly worsen the quality of life and contribute to the development of other resulting disorders. In adulthood, it is not possible to completely eliminate them, but osteopathic treatment can prevent a sharp deterioration and significantly improve the patient’s well-being and quality of life.

What exactly is fixable?

In most cases, facial asymmetry goes side by side with its puffiness. And it’s not about salty food at night or alcohol. The disturbed position of the skull bones contributes to the compression of blood vessels, as a result of which blood and lymph cannot flow normally from the head. And since the vessels through which blood flows from the face pass through the neck and, in part, through the base of the skull, it is not difficult to draw a direct connection between displaced bones and swelling. Add in the asymmetry here, and the conclusion becomes obvious: it’s a matter of birth trauma and bone displacement.

And yes, you can work with it. It is always possible to reduce puffiness. Moreover, birth trauma affects not only the bones of the skull: the consequences “go down”, passing through all parts of the human body – the vertebrae shift, the bones of the pelvis and sacrum unfold. If the body is built by osteopathic treatment, the result will manifest itself at all levels: somewhere more, somewhere less, depending on the severity of birth trauma, the presence of acquired injuries and other aggravating factors, but nevertheless — you will make a significant contribution to health. As a result, you may have significantly reduced or completely disappeared joint and muscle pain, spinal pain, headaches, improved posture, sleep, libido and more vitality.

Советы остеопата: откуда берется асимметрия лица и можно ли исправить ее без операции

Independent work: how to improve the appearance at home?

As we have already clarified, it is impossible to correct the asymmetry in adulthood, especially on your own. However, it is possible to reduce puffiness, which will favorably affect the overall visual effect and, undoubtedly, improve your well-being. In this case, your main task is to free the vessels and improve the outflow of blood and lymph. To do this, first of all, you need to work hard with the neck area. Our selection of exercises will help you.

Exercise “Pinching”

Perform short but palpable pinches with your palms in the neck and shoulders. Grab the palm of your left hand opposite the upper arm and forcefully remember it with short pinching movements, then move to the right half of the neck. Now, with your right hand, grab and work out the left shoulder and the entire left surface of the neck. Properly “rinse” this area with tweezers — this way you will improve blood circulation.

Exercise “Leech”

Another effective exercise to relax the neck muscles. Place your palm on the back of the neck from the opposite side: the point is that the palm should stick to the skin as if. Pull your hand in your direction, while the palm should remain “stuck” to the neck – pull the muscles together with the skin and properly knead them.

Now move your palm a little higher and perform the movement in the same direction. It is important to work out every centimeter of the neck surface — only in this case the exercise will be performed qualitatively and will give the desired effect. Change the arm and gently, but with effort, rinse the surface of the neck in exactly the same way from the other side.


Perform a light facial massage every day in the form of a so-called finger shower and smoothing movements in the direction from the center of the face up and to the sides.


A good massage therapist is a great solution. If the masseur owns osteopathic techniques, this is an ideal option. Professional massage is important not just as a beauty procedure: the right techniques can improve blood circulation, outflow of fluids from the face and relieve puffiness “).

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Советы остеопата: откуда берется асимметрия лица и можно ли исправить ее без операции

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