Osteopath’s Advice: how to stop slouching and train your posture

“Don’t slouch”, “Straighten your back”, “You’re sitting like a hook!” — remember how many times you had to hear these phrases from parents and teachers. Why is it so difficult for some to keep their backs straight, while others always stand at attention?

Советы остеопата: как перестать сутулиться и натренировать осанку

Why do people slouch

You will be surprised, but emotions have a huge impact on a person’s posture at every single moment (as well as on his gait and posture). When you feel bad, you are dejected and sad, your whole body speaks about it: your shoulders are lowered or, on the contrary, unnaturally raised up, your head is tilted, your back is slightly bent, as if this emotional heaviness has put all its weight on your body. But there is a lover walking down the street or just a very happy person. The difference in movement and posture is enormous! The lucky ones seem to aim at the sky with their heads and keep their backs more or less straight. Therefore, in the future, when talking about posture, we will only mean a person who is in a calm state when he is focused on work or just sitting on a chair.

It is very important to understand that our body is a self—stressed system in which all parts are interconnected. Let’s say a person has a displaced occipital bone, which is involved in the formation of the base of the skull. This cannot but affect the position of his first cervical vertebra. Displaced, it will necessarily “pull” the second, third and so on along the chain, until the imbalance affects the entire spine, sacrum, femurs, shins and, finally, the feet. That is why, if a child has had a birth injury (due to a deformity of the mother’s pelvis or due to a complicated course of labor – and most often a combination of the first and second factors), in the future he will develop scoliosis and, probably, flat feet. It is curious that the curved state will be correct and natural, because this is the only way the spine of this person can comfortably keep balance.

If we see, for example, a man sitting in a transport, who in some bizarre way intertwines his arms or legs or assumes a somewhat unnatural pose in our opinion, we must understand that this position is most convenient for him, so his muscles are best unloaded. Therefore, I would not say that the posture is entirely under the arbitrary control of our consciousness.

A person slouches not because he forgets to keep his back straight, but because this position is as comfortable as possible for his body.

Is it possible to retrain

Quite often, mothers of children who have any problems with posture, send their daughters and sons to dance school in the hope of correcting the situation and giving the child a “ballet posture”. Such children come to the section, where they are taught by various coercive measures to “properly” hold their backs, punishing them for slouching. Gradually, the muscles memorize this position and further hold the body in an upright, “slender” state by force. But does retraining have a good effect on human health? Of course not. In such a situation, the muscles take on an unusual load, which is why the body wears out faster, and the person ages rapidly. Conclusion: it is quite difficult to restore the posture damaged as a result of scoliosis and the birth trauma that preceded it without consequences for the body. 

How to help your back maintain posture

Советы остеопата: как перестать сутулиться и натренировать осанку

And yet it is possible to help the body keep its back straighter. To do this, create ideal conditions for your muscles and spine. First, add more positivity to your life. Look for advantages in small things and do not forget to please yourself about and without: an inspired and happy person always holds up better. Secondly, give your body the right and harmonious physical activity: a good, elastic state of the muscles will help to keep your posture better. Thirdly, be sure to pay attention to your workplace: a comfortable chair with a seat slightly tilted forward, a table with an ideal height, a computer monitor at the level of your eyes, the ability to keep the elbow of the hand working with the mouse on the table and, of course, short breaks every 45 minutes. All this is necessary in order not to expose the muscles to excessive stress, otherwise at the end of the working day your body will involuntarily begin to bend and slouch. And one more important recommendation: carefully monitor the ergonomics of your sleeping place, get a high-quality comfortable mattress and a good pillow. Comfort is the main criterion for choosing. It would seem a trifle. However, perfectly matched pillows and a mattress will help the muscles recover better during the night, and, thanks to your good condition, it will be much easier for the body to stay straight. Right royally!

You will need

Roller massager for neck, shoulders and back

Советы остеопата: как перестать сутулиться и натренировать осанку

Roller massager for neck, shoulders and back to know the price

An osteopathic doctor. In addition to working in medicine, he runs a blog about health on Instagram (@vladimirzhivotov). He also developed a manual direction — cranioposturology (patented the craniobalance method), which is considered more effective than classical osteopathy.

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