Office shoes: 5 stylish alternatives to pumps

For those who are worried about a too limited set of shoes for the office, we offer five successful substitutes for the well-known heels.

Обувь для офиса: 5 стильных альтернатив лодочкам

Office wardrobe is often (undeservedly) called boring and banal. However, a separate capsule that you collect for work operates according to the same rules as your other wardrobe: agree, a palette of identical midi skirts with blouses, as well as dozens of sets with jeans and T-shirts can look boring. Unless, of course, you turn on your imagination and figure out how we can diversify our usual set of things.

Обувь для офиса: 5 стильных альтернатив лодочкам

Rachel Zane

Обувь для офиса: 5 стильных альтернатив лодочкам

Rachel Zane

This also applies to shoes: we are used to the fact that pumps have long been the main office shoes (they are most often preferred by the main on—screen representatives of office style – Claire Underwood, Rachel Zane and Olivia Pope). In order not to become a hostage of one image and to give his working capsule dozens more new options, the stylist picked up a few more pleasant shoe alternatives: from restrained loafers to light ballet flats.


Versatile black or brown loafers are perfectly combined with a Friday casual look and a strict suit. This shoe model will look best with cropped jeans or trousers that open the ankles.


Pointy – nosed ballet flats

Pointy-nosed ballet flats look elegant and give the image the necessary seriousness. Such a stylish option is suitable for the crazy rhythm of meetings and events outside the office — it is much easier to conquer the metropolis without heels.

1/5Jennifer Chamandi

Oxford Boots

Today, shoes can be safely combined with dresses and skirts. A stylish pair of leather will come in handy in cool or rainy weather, and the suede option is better reserved for a sunny day. Oxfords will not be superfluous in any wardrobe, even if you have nightmares about office life.


Soft ballet flats

Pay attention to the models in a more original design. The pronounced texture will complement the simple silhouettes of the office style. Choose quilted ballet flats in black or beige colors — bright options do not look very advantageous. And it’s still better to wear a small heel – soft shoes with flat rubber soles often tend to reduce the cost of outfits.

1/2Sarah Chofakian


A matching pair of moccasins combines comfort and style. The main thing is to avoid a model made of brown suede or a pair in a nautical style, so that the shoes do not seem too casual. In this color, we advise you to take a closer look at the leather options. With black and gray moccasins it is more difficult to lose, they are good regardless of the material.

1/3Michael Michael Kors

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