No puffiness and wrinkles: 3 sleeping poses that will make your face fresh and toned — try it today

A swollen and crumpled face in the form of a guttered candle is the result of improper sleep. Try the tips that will help you look fresh in the morning.

Никаких отеков и морщин: 3 позы для сна, которые сделают лицо свежим и подтянутым — попробуйте сегодня

Sleep is the basis of our health. A full rest for 7-8 hours not only restores strength, but also literally restores the body. Dermatologists are sure that every hour of sleep has an impact on the well-being of the skin: the less you sleep, the more wrinkles. With a lack of sleep, the skin is dehydrated, which makes wrinkles more noticeable.

However, not everyone knows that it is important not only how much you sleep, but also how exactly. Sleeping on your face may not change the condition of the epidermis for the better, and in the morning you will look “crumpled”. Lydia Dyshleva, dermatocosmetologist, tells about how to get rid of edema and look fresh and healthy after waking up.

Никаких отеков и морщин: 3 позы для сна, которые сделают лицо свежим и подтянутым — попробуйте сегодня

“From the point of view of cosmetology and spine health, sleeping on your stomach, with your nose in a pillow can be considered the most incorrect pose. It is this variant of the body position that leads to swelling on the face, provokes creases, including in the neck, and generally promotes premature aging of the skin,” says the cosmetologist.

Do not forget that the cause of swelling and bruising in the morning may be related to the internal processes of the body and nutrition: the use of salty or spicy food shortly before bedtime, insufficient water consumption during the day or vice versa, excessive water consumption before bedtime, non-compliance with sleep patterns, sedentary lifestyle, lack of physical exertion. In addition, the problem may be in improper skin care. For example, to avoid swelling, eye cream should be applied at least 2 hours before bedtime.

Никаких отеков и морщин: 3 позы для сна, которые сделают лицо свежим и подтянутым — попробуйте сегодня

There are many nuances in an ideal dream: you need to go to bed on time, ventilate the room, sleep on an orthopedic mattress and pillow or without it at all, do evening skin care and the key is to change poses during sleep. It is believed that the best positions for sleeping are poses on the back or on the side. According to yogis, sleeping on the right side relieves tension and cools, while sleeping on the left side improves the functioning of the digestive system and helps to get rid of snoring. In summer, in the heat, it is more useful to sleep on the right side, and after a hearty lunch — on the left. If you are back on your back, then the tension on the spine decreases, its natural curves come to normal, the neck relaxes, facial wrinkles are smoothed out. Sleeping in the back position helps with scoliosis, osteochondrosis and problems with posture.

But do not forget to change the position of the body during sleep. The most harmful sleep is in one position. If you often sleep on your stomach, then the risk of waking up swollen and crumpled will increase, in addition, in this position there is a negative effect on the spine, and pressure on the internal organs increases?”). From constant sleep on one side, kidney stones may appear, from sleeping on the back — snoring and temporary respiratory arrest.

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