Miss Perfection: how to remove belly fat

We found out how to make the stomach perfectly flat and attractive, and also found some effective exercises that will help achieve the desired.

Мисс совершенство: как убрать жир с живота

You can pump the press every day for several hours in a row, but the extra centimeters on the waist will not leave their habitat in any way. The fact is that by pumping the press, we train the muscles, but we have absolutely no effect on the fat layer, which burns not from tension, but from the incoming oxygen. That is why those who want to lose weight are usually advised cardio (or as they are also called, aerobic) workouts, during which movements are performed due to the energy obtained during aerobic glycolysis, that is, the oxidation of glucose with oxygen. Fat burning occurs during long and monotonous loads, so the duration of classes should not be less than 40 minutes. Typical aerobic workouts: running and walking long distances, swimming, ellipsoid exercises.

Мисс совершенство: как убрать жир с живота

Do not neglect modeling creams. They will not be a full-fledged replacement for sports, but they will definitely be a good help in the fight for a flat stomach. Choose those that have pepper, cinnamon and, of course, coffee in their composition. All these components stimulate the burning of fats and make your classes even more effective. Massage the cream twice a day, morning and evening, into the problem areas. Make it a rule to rub the remedy before starting training to stimulate blood flow to the necessary places. Always massage clockwise to improve digestion and stimulate the elimination of toxins. 

As massage products, a hard brush made of natural bristles is also suitable, which can be used to rub problem areas while taking a shower. Such a massage will not only give the skin softness, exfoliating roughened dead cells, but also prevent the appearance of stretch marks, which is especially important if you are going to significantly reduce weight.

Carefully monitor your diet. Your menu should mainly consist of fish and boiled vegetables, and the presence of chocolate, cheese and products with a high carbohydrate content in the menu should be minimal.

Periodically arrange fasting days. Now a lot of companies offer various detox menus that will make it easier to choose the right products. The most important thing is never to starve, as the consequences will be the most unpleasant — eating disorders and loss of skin tone and elasticity.

Exercises for a flat stomach

We have chosen 4 sets of exercises that will help achieve the desired result and get rid of belly fat, while pumping up the abdominal muscles. Do not forget to mix such workouts with aerobic exercises. For example, start with a 40-minute jog, then take up one of the complexes we offer and, if possible, finish classes in a sauna or a swimming pool.

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