K-beauty: 10 steps to flawless skin that every Korean woman knows about

We tell you about the most important beauty habits of Korean women, which will transform your skin.

K-beauty: 10 шагов к безупречной коже, о которых знает каждая кореянка

Many people have heard about the K-beauty phenomenon, but few know what else the Korean beauty market is doing, except, perhaps, BB creams, couchons, eye patches and, of course, fabric masks. Without any doubt, Korean women also have a lot of beauty techniques up their sleeve: you can know about many of them — for example, about two-stage cleansing, the mandatory presence of exfoliant and concentrated serum on the shelf in the bathroom. However, the most important beauty obsession of an exemplary Korean woman is precisely fanatical skin care. We tell you about the 10 key stages of Korean women’s care that will make your skin perfect.

Step 1. First do the eye makeup

And it must be done correctly. Since the skin around the eyes is very delicate and thin, it needs to be provided with delicate care. First of all, choose products designed specifically for this area, especially cleaning agents. Otherwise, unnecessary pressure and friction cannot be avoided, and they, importantly, will not lead to the desired result anyway.

The moisturizer works more effectively if applied to slightly moist skin.

K-beauty: 10 шагов к безупречной коже, о которых знает каждая кореянка

K-beauty: 10 шагов к безупречной коже, о которых знает каждая кореянка

Step 2. The first stage of purification

In this matter, Korean women have a two-stage purification program in priority: the first stage is focused on demaking (specifically designed for this product), as well as on eliminating most of the impurities accumulated during the day. Hydrophilic oil in this case is a Korean favorite, which, however, has been produced by the world’s largest brands for quite some time.

Step 3. The second stage of purification

After the first stage of cleansing, you need to take on a beauty-armament foaming agent, which is aimed specifically at cleansing the skin of the face from impurities (this is what is indicated on the packages). The products complete the cleansing procedure, put the pores in order and prepare the skin for the subsequent application of moisturizing and nourishing products. You can also take a closer look at the Korean mesh: its owners are sure that this way the products foam better and the skin feels cleaner than if you do without it.

K-beauty: 10 шагов к безупречной коже, о которых знает каждая кореянка

K-beauty: 10 шагов к безупречной коже, о которых знает каждая кореянка

Step 4. Don’t forget about the tonic

Toning lotions are preferred for any type of skin primarily because they restore the acid-base balance after a two-stage cleansing (especially after alkalis in foaming products), remove the feeling of tightness and remove the remnants of cleansing agents. At the same time, of course, it is better to choose a tonic specifically for the needs of your skin: mattifying, balancing, soothing, moisturizing, exfoliating, salicylic… A consultant of your favorite care brand will familiarize you with the full range.

And remember about the rule of 3 seconds: the time interval between the completion of cleansing and applying the tonic should not exceed 3 seconds – the Koreans are sure.

Step 5. Your skin will love the serum

Korean women are crazy about this concentrated version of beauty in a jar. Why? The active ingredients of the serum, in comparison with the cream, penetrate deeper into the skin, quickly bypassing the epidermis and at the same time retaining all their “power”. These cosmetic geniuses have proven themselves especially well in the fight against facial and age-related wrinkles. In addition, moisturizing serums also cope with their task with a bang.

Korean women do not favor the practice of daily peeling.

K-beauty: 10 шагов к безупречной коже, о которых знает каждая кореянка

Step 6. Use eye cream

We hope you do not practice using face cream in the delicate areas of the skin around the eyes (the components can irritate the mucous membrane, and the skin is likely to look swollen). In addition to using a suitable product, get into the habit of applying the contents with ring fingers using light pats (this finger is the weakest, respectively, exposes the skin to less impact).

Step 7. Remember about the lip product

Moisturizing and nourishing lip balm is also an important part of the beauty routine of a true Korean woman. Most of our domestic women, of course, are not used to the balm, but it is unlikely that they moisturize their lips daily after the washing procedure, morning and evening.

Step 8. Moisturizer

But a moisturizer, as a rule, is not neglected by many. At the same time, we often recklessly do not go into details in front of the store counter and choose a product not according to the needs of the skin and without regard to age (you can read about how to properly moisturize the skin at every age here). Please note: the product should also be applied to the neck and decollete areas.

K-beauty: 10 шагов к безупречной коже, о которых знает каждая кореянка

Step 9. Exfoliant

The daily beauty routine ended at the previous point. This one and the next one are about what is important in the matter of beauty (as, in fact, in everything else) – systematic. This is especially true of exfoliant and face masks (with irregular use, the funds will not bring the desired result).

Exfoliant removes dead cells, transforming the skin and, as they say, freeing the way for the components of subsequent care products (exfoliant is an intermediate step after cleansing and before toning). Use the product 1-2 times a week.

Step 10. Periodically remember about masks

In this case, of course, you should start first of all from the condition of your skin at a particular moment and its type. So you will correctly prioritize: for example, if your skin is oily, prone to peeling, cleansing and detox masks will come to the fore. At the same time, moisturizing masks are recommended to be used by absolutely everyone, regardless of your skin type, especially if you live in a megalopolis. The fact is that lack of hydration is the most common skin problem, and, most importantly, it does not show it. We can try to drink enough fluids, moisturize the skin with a high-quality cream and periodically use the appropriate serum, but this may still not be enough.

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