Jewelry in the office: 3 main rules you need to know

Do you think you should not wear any jewelry in the office, except for an engagement ring? Not really. We understand the intricacies of the jewelry dress code.

Ювелирные украшения в офисе: 3 главных правила, которые нужно знать

Many stylists often advise us to dilute a strict office wardrobe with accessories – they say, only in this way is it possible to make an interesting set out of a banal business image that will not bore us too quickly. However, accessories also have their limitations. Of course, there are no uniform standards: many companies have their own nuances of the dress code, which, as a rule, are prescribed in the business regulations. However, there are several important unified rules that are suitable for typical organizations. We turned to an expert who explained to us how much jewelry is acceptable to wear to the office and how to choose the right rings and earrings that will not cause questions from your superiors.

Rule 1: “three things”

In fact, a lot depends on the company you work for. If everyone adheres to the official style at work, then when making up a jewelry set, it is necessary to adhere to the rule of “three things” and complement the image with just a few ornaments. For example, elegant earrings, a thin bracelet and, of course, an engagement ring, which is also included in this three acceptable ones.

Ювелирные украшения в офисе: 3 главных правила, которые нужно знать

Ювелирные украшения в офисе: 3 главных правила, которые нужно знать

The most versatile jewelry for the office can be considered: rings, stud earrings (studs), or small earrings with colorless diamonds, comfortable bracelets that do not tightly wrap around the hand and elegant pendants.

For example, it can be miniature copies of iconic jewelry, like De Beers’ My First De Beers collection – with a 0.2-carat central diamond.

Rule 2: Discreet colors

It should be taken into account that the selected decorations should not be bright and pretentious. The metal of the product must be matched to the color of the skin and the main color of the clothes in the wardrobe for the office. We advise you to choose white diamonds — this is the perfect color that will suit any color scheme.

Ювелирные украшения в офисе: 3 главных правила, которые нужно знать

Rule 3: less is better

Choosing between exclusive decorations of unusual design and more concise and elegant, for the office it is worth giving preference to the second. Heavy evening decorations will be more appropriate in a restaurant and at social receptions. Choosing earrings for a business suit, give preference to more sophisticated jewelry, too massive earrings will make the image heavier. And it is completely inappropriate to wear several bracelets on one hand so that they distract colleagues and customers with their sound.

There is an opinion that large jewelry is unacceptable, but in fact they are appropriate if the company does not have a strict dress code and welcomes creative ideas in the image of its employees.


Vice President of De Beers Diamond Jewellers Russia, certified gemologist GIA (Gemological Institute of America).

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