It was a mistake: 8 hairstyles that age

Sometimes a desired change of image can turn into a real failure, and a new hairstyle can add age to its owner.

Это была ошибка: 8 причесок, которые старят

Lindsay Lohan; Renee Zellweger; Julianne Moore

There is reason to reflect: according to an article published recently on HuffPost, almost every woman spends about 235,000 pounds (which is almost 20 million rubles) on facial care during her life. Most of us use about 16 products (including makeup and grooming) before leaving home. But what about the hair? After all, our curls are an extension of the image. In pursuit of “eternal youth”, we are sometimes not attentive enough to how our hair feels and looks. And everything would be fine, except… that it shouldn’t be like this.

We have collected tips and comments from five of the most popular hairdressers and colorists in Hollywood, who identified the main mistakes in styling and coloring that affect not only the health of our strands, but also the image as a whole. They gave us a helping hand and told us about the mistakes that add to our age, as well as how to avoid them.

Mistake #1: Thinking that the hair “needs” to be shortened

Это была ошибка: 8 причесок, которые старят

Renee Zellweger

There seems to be an ingrained opinion in our society that the older we get, the shorter the haircut should be. But in fact, this is not necessary at all. Of course, if your hair is thinning, or you just like shorter haircuts, then “cut boldly.” However, as for the need to do this— there are no established rules. You should not wear short haircuts just because you have been living on Earth for a long time.

“Women constantly cut their hair when they reach a certain age,” says the famous stylist Laney Reeves. “In fact, with long hair, the face looks softer, more feminine and more seductive. Moreover, the longer the hair, the easier it is to achieve its natural color, masking gray hair.” We advise you to work with a reliable stylist who will advise the length that suits your hair structure, color and face shape. The options are endless!

Mistake #2: Lighten strands to hide gray hair

Это была ошибка: 8 причесок, которые старят

Lady Gaga

Это была ошибка: 8 причесок, которые старят

Lindsay Lohan

“One of the most serious mistakes that I often observe is the use of glare or complete lightening of the roots as the only means to mask gray hair,” explains the famous colorist George Papanikolas. He says this usually leads to dry, over-lightened strands. “If you are not a natural blonde, then a lot of highlights on top of gray hair can really look rough and contrast with your complexion, especially if you have an olive or dark skin tone,” he emphasizes. “Instead, give preference to healthy, shiny hair: give the color depth at the roots (for the “illusion of youth”), and add subtle highlights only three or four times a year to give a delicate volume.

Mistake #3: Rushing to extremes

Это была ошибка: 8 причесок, которые старят

Britney Spears

“I explain to my clients every time that there is no need to go to extremes in coloring,” says the famous colorist Chad Kenyon. “Very often clients think that if they are blonde and want to change something, then they need to repaint themselves in dark brown or even blue-black. These extreme changes can look great with the right skin tone, with the help of a team of specialists who monitor you 24/7, the right color of clothes and accessories, but for everyday life, such color changes are usually not the best idea. You can look rude and suddenly add age to yourself.”

However, Kenyon assures that there are many ways to make the color a few shades darker (if you want to change it) without spoiling the natural strands. He suggests asking your colorist to add thin strips of color. “My Colormelt hair coloring method is unique in that I always create a soft multi—tone blend of shades, light and depth that give a delicate face a glow, providing a fresh and radiant result,” says Kenyon.

Mistake #4: Use one color in coloring

Это была ошибка: 8 причесок, которые старят

Julianne Moore

Это была ошибка: 8 причесок, которые старят

Monica Bellucci

“Using the same formula to overlap gray hair and color the length is a very common mistake,” says Kenyon. Instead of using one color to color the entire head, he suggests using another formula that will be a shade lighter. It should be applied to the strands around the face, then it will look fresher and younger. “Apply the color at a distance of one finger from the face. Nothing ages us more than a dark halo around the forehead and cheekbones,” warns Kenyon.

Mistake #5: Forget about moisturizers

Regardless of the texture, color and length of your hair, all five experts agreed that dry and damaged hair is one of the first things that age us. Therefore, think about hair care products designed for additional hydration. Pay attention to products that will charge the hair with moisture and shine, such as weightless oils. They can be applied to wet and dry hair. To make sure that the oil does not stain the curls, choose products that have high-quality ingredients and crystal clear color.

1/3 Huile Sublime Oil, Kerastase

Mistake #6: Saving on dietary supplements

Это была ошибка: 8 причесок, которые старят

According to star hairdresser Sarah Potempa, underestimating the power of important supplements is another mistake. “Hair changes as our body goes through important stages, such as having a baby, the stress of moving, or even completing a diet,” she explains. “Often the hair needs emergency internal support from vitamins such as biotin, which can strengthen the hair follicles and promote growth.”

Mistake #7: Conduct home experiments

“When people don’t have time to go to the salon, some may follow their first impulse and dye their hair roots at home,” says Potempa. “If you are constantly doing this “work” with the same brand, everything is fine! But if you mix different formulas, there is a chance that you will overlap the color, weakening and damaging the hair, and this will lead to their premature aging.”

Now there are many toning products that are easy to use and refresh the color well. Potempa recommends using a reliable (and iconic) product such as Root Cover Up, Color Wow. A well-chosen formula and a good brush for application help to compact the hair and save it from home “corrections”. Consistent care of hair color will help maintain their health, and strong hair always adds to the appearance of youth.

Это была ошибка: 8 причесок, которые старят

Mistake #8: Forgetting thermal protection

“Styling hair at home, including blow-drying and curling with hot tools, has long been a beauty routine for many women,” says Potempa. Nevertheless, in order to preserve the health and youthfulness of your hair, it is important to create a barrier between strands and heat exposure.

Potempa offers, first of all, to get styling tools with digital clocks and temperature settings that can be adjusted and adjusted according to your hair type and texture. And, of course, do not forget about the means for thermal protection, applying them before each drying or styling.

1/3 Oil spray “Thermal protection” Gliss Kur, Schwarzkopf

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