It got even worse: 5 stars who were aged by plastic

In their desire to look younger, many stars often achieve the exact opposite result and only add to their age. Which of the celebrities began to look much older than their years after the beauty manipulations carried out – we recall in the material.

Стало еще хуже: 5 звезд, которых состарила пластика

Renee Zellweger, Demi Moore

Public life obliges celebrities to look fashionable, stylish, attractive. In general, to become the best version of yourself. Therefore, most celebrities have to resort to the help of plastic surgeons. But, unfortunately, not all of them know how to stop in time, and some are very unlucky with specialists. Together with plastic surgeon Dmitry Saratovtsev examines the most high-profile cases when aesthetic operations had the opposite effect. 

Tara Reid

Стало еще хуже: 5 звезд, которых состарила пластика

A couple of decades ago, many young people were crazy about Tara Reid. The pretty girl from “American Pie” won the hearts of fans. However, Tara herself did not consider her appearance suitable enough for Hollywood.

The first plastic surgery that the actress decided on was mammoplasty. The star wanted to remove the asymmetry. At the same time, Tara had implants inserted. However, the result not only did not exceed expectations, but did not reach them at all. To rectify the situation, the star went under the knife several more times. As a result, her breasts turned into an incomprehensible combination of stitches, irregularities and swelling. However, even this kind of bust does not prevent the actress from wearing a deep neckline. 

The situation was aggravated by the manic desire to lose weight. Tara had liposuction of her thighs and abdomen. And everything would have looked much more beautiful if the star had not preferred grueling diets to the gym. 

It is not surprising that now the once pretty girl, whom everyone remembers from the famous comedy, is not popular among film directors. 

Donatella Versace

Стало еще хуже: 5 звезд, которых состарила пластика

In this rating of artificially aged stars Donatella is simply impossible to ignore. Judging by the comments of the press and users of social networks, so far no one can understand why a self-sufficient wealthy woman treated her appearance so rudely. 

Back in the early 2000s, Donatella had an unusual but pleasant face. Then, after increasing the volume of the lips, something went wrong, and the fashion designer began to systematically turn to plastic surgeons, each time more and more surprising the audience with her transformations. 

Apparently, the chief designer of Versace also did rhinoplasty. The hump is gone, but in some photos you can see a scar on the nose, which most likely remained after an unsuccessful operation.

By the way, lips and nose are not the only “strange” part of the face Versace. In general, the designer’s skin looks stretched. Here we will also add endless Botox injections.

After Donatella abruptly lost weight, apparently deciding that there were too many extra pounds, implants began to emerge from under the sagging, wrinkled skin on her chest. And the more the businesswoman loses weight, the sadder the overall picture looks.

Demi Moore

Стало еще хуже: 5 звезд, которых состарила пластика

In the press, the actress has long been considered from the point of view of another unsuccessful surgical intervention. If 10 years ago all the corrections of Demi Moore’s appearance looked quite harmonious, then something clearly went wrong.

A strange line appeared on the face of the actress, which pulls her lips. Apparently, the star removed the lumps of Bish, which helped to highlight the cheekbones, but it is important to note that only from this operation a similar effect of “fish” it can’t appear. It is obvious that Demi had a facelift, because of which the face “went” back, and the lips acquired an unnatural shape.

The chin area has also undergone changes (it seems due to botox injection), as well as the eyes after blepharoplasty. Summarizing, it is safe to say that the result of all these manipulations looks deplorable.

Renee Zellweger

Стало еще хуже: 5 звезд, которых состарила пластика

This actress could never be called a beauty in the classical sense, but she looked so pretty that she got good movie roles and won the hearts of fans.

For the sake of the popular film “Bridget Jones’s Diary” Renee had to seriously load her body with 15 extra kilograms. And twice. It is clear that subsequently it is extremely difficult to lose such weight and eliminate its consequences. Apparently, that’s why the actress, to put it mildly, was somewhat carried away by beauty transformations.

It is noticeable that the star has lost a lot of weight, but it was not without plastic surgery. As a result of blepharoplasty, Renee’s gaze became more open, but along with the overhanging eyelid, her famous cat squint disappeared. 

Apparently, the actress’ chin also underwent some changes after botulinum toxin injections, and the face itself became thin, which automatically threw the star a few more years of age. Now it is extremely difficult to recognize the girl who charmed everyone in Renee Zellweger.


Стало еще хуже: 5 звезд, которых состарила пластика

Throughout her career, the singer has been experimenting not only with outfits, but also with her appearance. In the last photos, the world saw a “renewed” Madonna. The oval of the star’s face has become thinner, the skin is tightened, the cheekbones are embossed. Apparently, circular blepharoplasty and circular facelift were performed here. 

The star also had Bich’s lumps removed. But the result of all of the above looks so unnatural that now the singer looks like a porcelain doll. It is impossible to ignore the Madonna’s buttocks, which in the photos look too convex and indicate an unsuccessful installation of implants.

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Стало еще хуже: 5 звезд, которых состарила пластика

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Plastic surgeon, PhD, full member of the Russian Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons.

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