Is it possible to lose weight without following the regime

Ballerina Maya Plisetskaya gave everyone who dreams of losing weight one single piece of advice: “Don’t eat!”, but modern experts have found a more loyal way to get rid of extra pounds.

Можно ли похудеть, не соблюдая режим

It seems like a dream to lose extra pounds without following any diet. However, European nutritionists believe that such a turn is quite real, the main thing is to be able to negotiate with your body and you will no longer have to sit on exhausting diets or give up your favorite dishes. Experts suggest learning to listen to your body, this will be the beginning of your new life, because who among us has not dreamed of eating from the heart, denying himself nothing and losing weight at the same time.

Why is this method suitable for me

It has long been proven that fasting has never brought anyone to good. Of course, at first the loss of extra pounds is guaranteed, but, as a rule, this method does not work for long, unless, of course, you go into yoga and give up earthly food for good. However, most likely this method does not suit most of us at all, especially since sooner or later there is a risk of breaking down and returning the kilograms lost during fasting with excess. So the new, almost philosophical way of losing weight, is the best fit for women who are not ready to give up food completely, and even more so are not ready to forget about their favorite dishes. Among other things, such a diet will help to improve the work of the intestines and restore all the functions of the body, because in the frenzied rhythm of a big city it is so difficult to always be in shape.

Можно ли похудеть, не соблюдая режим

What am I eating

To begin with, before embarking on a smooth and painless weight loss, sort out your diet, try to evaluate your diet with an outsider’s eye, nutritionists advise: learn to write down what you eat, so it will be easier to objectively assess the scale of the work ahead. Moreover, one stingy description of the food eaten is not enough — you will have to record how you eat, at what speed, where and even with whom. At first glance, such a task may seem absurd, but believe me — you have already taken the first step towards an ideal figure, because such a detailed description of the food consumed will teach you concentration about how much you actually eat.

I’m concentrating

Можно ли похудеть, не соблюдая режим

Many of us like to have a snack while working or watching an interesting movie, immediately forgetting about what we ate, as if nothing had happened. But if you no longer remember about sweets, crackers, nuts and other delicious, but not too useful, especially in unlimited quantities, treats, then your body assimilates everything and then will repay you in full. So, in the second stage, you have to learn to eat only when you are really hungry. In this case, you can even afford your favorite cake. Don’t want to eat now, but cream roses beckon you? Put the pastry in the refrigerator, it will definitely not spoil overnight, but with what pleasure in the morning you will eat eclair or potatoes, washing down the sweetness with fragrant coffee! By the way, in this way you will be able to get rid not only of excess weight, but also of unnecessary heaviness in the stomach, heartburn and other consequences of daytime overeating.

I’m not in a hurry

Another tip for losing weight without dieting: the more hungry you are, the slower you should consume food. At first glance, the task seems impossible, but in fact, it’s just a matter of habit. Learn to chew carefully what you eat. Firstly, in this way, the load on your stomach is significantly relieved, and you will successfully be able to avoid gastritis — the problems of many students and office workers, and secondly, careful chewing provokes rapid saturation. That is, you eat many times less than you would eat, swallowing almost without chewing.

Is this all for me?

Можно ли похудеть, не соблюдая режим

The last stage of antidietic weight loss is psychology. The first and most important rule at this stage is to forget about prohibitions. The rigid framework that did not allow you to eat pies, favorite desserts and salad seasoned with mayonnaise goes into the past. From now on, you can eat everything that you have denied yourself for so long. Experts say that high-calorie foods can be eaten for four days, then you should take a break for three days, and then go back to your favorite dishes. However, at the same time, we must not forget about the previous rules: you will have to eat slowly, and most importantly — in reasonable quantities. Thus, unwanted fullness can be easily avoided if you learn to control your appetite.

I listen to my body

Our body gives us signals, though in the rhythm of the working day, we do not often listen to these internal impulses. Although the message is simple: follow your natural nutritional needs, don’t overeat. After all, not only your figure suffers from an excessive amount of food consumed, but also your health. So such “conversations” with your body will benefit you, reasonable restrictions in food will only help you to cleanse the body of unnecessary and even dangerous toxins. In addition to the reflection in the mirror, which will delight you more and more every day, you will feel much better, the long-awaited energy, cheerfulness and good mood will return.

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