Is it possible to apply body cream on the face: 6 unpleasant consequences for your skin

We tell you about the main differences of care cosmetics, which have a huge impact on the condition of our skin.

Можно ли наносить крем для тела на лицо: 6 неприятных последствий для вашей кожи

Healthy, beautiful skin needs proper and regular care. This basic truth does not need explanation and proof. Today, everyone understands perfectly well that by regularly observing the rules of skin care for the face and body, it will be healthy, beautiful and radiant. Do we often see indications on packages of cosmetics: for face, body, hands, feet? Yes, almost always. The expert, doctor Irina Lomaka, talks about why these “identification marks” should still be followed.

This division is far from accidental, and for me, as a doctor who has devoted my entire professional life to studying the health and beauty of the skin, it is absolutely logical and correct. I have repeatedly had to explain to my patients the need to use different products for the skin of the face and body. The arguments are always so convincing that we do not return to this question again.

So what is the difference between a face cream and a body cream? After all, it is so convenient to use one seemingly universal composition for both the body and the face. It’s all about the features of the structure of the skin of certain areas.

Можно ли наносить крем для тела на лицо: 6 неприятных последствий для вашей кожи

Our skin is the largest organ in terms of area, while it is not at all homogeneous in different parts of the body. The thickness of the dermis varies from 0.5 to 5 mm, and the epidermis – 35 mm to 1.5 mm in different areas. The thinnest areas fall just on the face and neck area. Accordingly, the penetrating ability of the active components and their concentration are needed in much smaller quantities than in denser areas. For a denser, rough skin of the body, more active conductors and a concentration of active components are needed to ensure proper nutrition and hydration, whereas much smaller proportions are used for the face. Based on the first difference, it is already clear how much it is possible to harm the skin of the face (namely, to increase the reactivity of the skin), cause allergic reactions, blockage of pores, exacerbation of existing skin diseases, namely acne, rosacea.

The sebaceous glands on the skin of the face work very actively, whereas on the body they are less active, and on the palms and soles they are completely absent. This is partly why we love dense nutritious textures for the body so much and do not tolerate their contact with the skin of the face at all.

The division into skin types mainly refers to the skin of the face and scalp, whereas the skin of the body in almost everyone needs a significant replenishment of the hydrolipidic mantle and nutrition. The division into body skin types is not made, but is determined by the degree of necessary hydration and nutrition. For the skin of the face, creams are always selected based on the type of skin and its condition, and are also divided into day and night.

Можно ли наносить крем для тела на лицо: 6 неприятных последствий для вашей кожи

The face is the only part of the body that is always in contact with the external environment and is not covered by clothing. It is the skin of the face that is in the first place for photo damage, which means early aging. It’s no secret that sunscreen filters are extremely necessary, and body products by and large do not contain them.

We have come to another very important difference between body and face creams. Modern face creams consist of valuable assets that prevent age-related changes. They fight free radicals, lighten the skin, even out the texture, strengthen blood vessels and even have a botulinum-like effect, that is, relax the facial muscles.

Summarizing the above, we get the following unpleasant consequences of applying body cream to the skin of the face:

  • Allergic reactions;

  • Increased reactivity and sensitivity of the skin;

  • Comedogenic effect, pore blockage;

  • Exacerbation of skin diseases (acne, rosacea);

  • No anti-aging effect.

That is why it is so important to take care of your health and choose a personal care program for yourself, based on the characteristics of your skin, its condition at the moment, lifestyle, as well as the season and climate in which you live.   

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