Image Killers: 8 shoe models that make your feet fat

Not every pair of shoes paints their feet — many models can easily spoil even the most thoughtful outfit. Together with the stylist, we figure out which options should be avoided so as not to harm your style.

Убийцы образа: 8 моделей обуви, которые полнят ноги

When choosing shoes, many are guided by fashion trends and their own wardrobe, but the proportions of the figure are also an important point that should not be ignored. Some pairs of shoes can easily both improve the outfit and completely spoil the image thought out to the smallest detail. We tell you about the eight most controversial models of shoes that mercilessly plump their legs.

Narrow boots below the knee

Убийцы образа: 8 моделей обуви, которые полнят ноги

Narrow boots below the knee, often flashed in the Instagram feed just a few seasons ago, alas, are quickly losing their relevance. And for a reason: such boots do not look too elegant with a midi skirt that many people love, and with a mini they visually shorten the legs at all. With boots above the knee, only skinny ones look good, which, unfortunately, are also irrelevant. A wide boot and a stable heel are a modern and, it seems, promising a long life replacement for narrow boots.

Ankle-length low ankle boots

Убийцы образа: 8 моделей обуви, которые полнят ноги

Ankle boots are rightfully considered one of the most comfortable (and most elegant) options for any season. However, when choosing your ideal pair, you should be careful: ankle boots can visually shorten your legs and make them fuller. Life hack: combine such shoes with tights or trousers to match the shoes — so you visually stretch the silhouette and make your legs slimmer.

Boots with fur

Убийцы образа: 8 моделей обуви, которые полнят ноги

In the last few seasons, boots with fur have been appearing less and less on the streets — and it’s not just about the new humane ethics. Such shoes greatly plump the leg – especially in combination with actual wide jeans and a puffy down jacket. It is better to give preference to classic or massive boots with artificial fur inside — such a pair will harmoniously complement any image.

Ballet flats with a round cape

Убийцы образа: 8 моделей обуви, которые полнят ноги

Despite the fact that this model has almost gone out of fashion, many girls still prefer it — such shoes are quite comfortable. However, it is worth remembering that ballet flats with a round cape do not add grace to the legs and visually increase the proportions. Creating a stylish image, give preference to more modern models with a sharp or square cape. And if you don’t want to part with your favorite pair at all, combine it with a midi — or with trousers or jeans at a high waist, which will help visually stretch the silhouette.

Shoes with ankle straps

Убийцы образа: 8 моделей обуви, которые полнят ноги

Jumpers and straps in the ankle area visually “cut” the leg and make it noticeably shorter. This effect is especially noticeable if the straps are wide and dark. It is better to slightly revise the wardrobe in favor of more classic shoes – without straps .


Убийцы образа: 8 моделей обуви, которые полнят ноги

With the new trend on the platform, you need to be careful. Too big and clumsy shoes may well add volume where there is none — and also make the gait heavy and far from the most elegant. Choosing the perfect pair, give preference to shoes that look the most harmonious. Combine the platform with jeans or bell-bottomed trousers – then your silhouette will visually stretch out, and your legs will look much slimmer.

Tight boots

Убийцы образа: 8 моделей обуви, которые полнят ноги

Boots are certainly a real must-have in every girl’s wardrobe. High boots, adjacent to the leg, visually slim, make it taller and more attractive.  However, you should be more careful with boots — choose relevant and winning models — but at the same time make sure that they do not overstretch your legs). Tight boots can not just not make the legs longer — but even on the contrary, visually shorten them. Give preference to looser models, combine them with oversize hoodies and voluminous sweaters.

Gladiator Sandals

Убийцы образа: 8 моделей обуви, которые полнят ноги

Gladiator sandals will perfectly fit into a thematic image — for a party or a photo shoot. However, in everyday life it is better to give preference to more modern options: straps tightly fitting to the leg can add extra volume to any, even the most elegant legs.

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