I ate it, and my head doesn’t hurt: eating from a headache

Did your head hurt again? Before swallowing another portion of painkillers and antispasmodics, let’s go to the kitchen and see what we have there (to eat). Food is not just fuel for the body. Each product is a chemical laboratory. And some of them definitely have something that can help us with headaches.

Съел, и голова не болит: еда от головной боли

But first, let’s determine what kind of headache is bothering you. She has a great many reasons, and not all of them are harmless (and this is a reason to consult a doctor). The most frequent are the lack of oxygen in the brain cells, dehydration, spasms of the cerebral vessels and muscles around the head. And just in these cases, the situation can be corrected not with medicines, but with the help of more harmless means. Depending on why (and how) you have a headache, we choose our own saving remedy.

Food rich in magnesium

Съел, и голова не болит: еда от головной боли

It has been proven that magnesium relieves headaches associated with narrowing of blood vessels. Magnesium has a relaxing effect on blood vessels, which improves blood circulation in the brain and, as a result, saturates brain cells with oxygen. If medications like no-shpa (drotaverine) usually help you well from headaches, try eating something from foods with a high magnesium content.

First of all, these are: cashew nuts, buckwheat, pine nuts, almonds, dried apricots, bananas, avocado, sunflower seeds and brown rice.

Food rich in potassium

Съел, и голова не болит: еда от головной боли

Potassium is the first thing that is in short supply if your body is dehydrated. Moreover, if you are basically used to drinking little water, then you may not realize that your body and your brain (and with it your head) suffer from chronic dehydration and, as a result, a lack of potassium in the blood and lymph. If you drink less than one and a half liters of water a day and you often have headaches, look for the cause in the water. More precisely, in its deficiency in the body. However, we suffer the most from the headache associated with dehydration after a great evening in an embrace with a glass (and more than one). Either when they have a cold, with a pronounced temperature, or without it (therefore, by the way, doctors, in addition to medications, necessarily recommend “copious drinking”). And then foods with a high potassium content can come to the rescue.

Mainly, it is baked potatoes (together with the peel). It is believed that two medium potatoes in a uniform will be enough to relieve a headache caused by a hangover. With a headache associated with the fact that you persistently drink little water, it is enough to eat an orange and drink a glass of water. However, provided that you then reconsider your water regime.

Black tea with sugar

Съел, и голова не болит: еда от головной боли

This drink deserves a separate chapter in our article, because it is generally a universal remedy for headaches. Even if you basically do not drink this noble drink with sugar, a sore head is a weighty argument to break this rule.  The thing is that the addition of sugar to the brew contributes to the release of catechins from it – substances with pronounced analgesic and antimicrobial effects. By the way, it is for this reason that strong sweet tea helps better with headaches. And if the headache is related to dehydration, tea with sugar is a doubly good idea.

Calcium-rich foods

Съел, и голова не болит: еда от головной боли

It is not so rare that the source of headache is not the processes inside the skull, but the muscles surrounding it. These are the so-called “tension pains”. It seems to you that “the whole head hurts”, but in fact you are experiencing muscle spasm: there is an illusion of the inability to relax the forehead (for example) and other painful sensations that increase when you try to move. Such pains are usually associated with a lack of calcium in the body. The deficiency of this trace element leads to disorders of neuromuscular excitability and, as a consequence, to muscle spasm. By the way, a drop in the level of calcium in the blood is one of the causes of headaches in women before the start of “those very days”.

To relieve such a headache, they help, first of all: milk, low-fat cottage cheese, natural yogurt, ryazhenka. It is believed that a couple of calcium tablets can help the fastest, but we are not talking about medicines here, but about food that can (and should) replace them.

Note to women

Съел, и голова не болит: еда от головной боли

Frequent headaches, “weather dependence”, migraines in women may be associated with a drop in the level of the hormone estrogen. Of course, this is an excuse to go to an endocrinologist. But as a quick way to relieve pain, food rich in estrogens, essential fatty acids and vitamin E will do. First of all, these are flax seeds, sesame seeds, soy and its products, beans, salmon, olive oil. Apples are good sources of phyto-estrogens. And it is better to use these products with sufficient regularity.

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