How to wash your hair properly after coloring to keep the color

We learn to maintain a rich shade of hair until the next visit to the stylist.

Как правильно мыть голову после окрашивания, чтобы сохранить цвет

The most frequent (and sad — taking into account the time and money spent) problem that we encounter after coloring is not irritated scalp and split ends, but a dull dull color. Creative partner of L’Oréal Professionnel Alexey Nagorsky told how to take care of dyed hair so that in 10 days you don’t have to regret going to the salon. We asked him the 5 most important questions regarding color protection and received exhaustive answers. 

Why does the paint wash out very quickly?

Coloring is a chemical process when the natural pigment in the structure of the hair is replaced by an artificial one. The dye cannot be on the hair indefinitely: they are constantly subjected to too strong mechanical influences, which is why artificial particles gradually “fall off”, leaving them without pigment.

The base on which the dye is applied and the condition of the hair are the primary things that you need to pay attention to before coloring.

Как правильно мыть голову после окрашивания, чтобы сохранить цвет

On porous and/or damaged hair, the dye holds up the worst, since their scales are open, and the pigment simply has nowhere to stay. On healthy (and even more pristine from chemical experiments) hair, it will last longer “). Color preservation also depends on the complementarity of the natural shade and the shade of the paint. If your hair is dark brown, and you dyed it chocolate, then with proper care you can keep the color until the next scheduled coloring (3-4 weeks). With drastic changes, the transition from a dark base to a light one and vice versa, it is much more difficult to maintain the result.  

Does the life of a color depend on the cost of paint?

Yes, but maybe not in the way you thought. Dyes for home use are actually more resistant than professional ones. Salon paints, even very resistant ones, contain less pigment than in ordinary “home” ones: it is implied that the hairdresser-stylist collects color from several shades of dye, and does not dye the hair along the entire length and depth with one color. Speaking generally, golden, brown shades are best kept on the hair, and red, red and cold blonde have a lower level of resistance. 

Как правильно мыть голову после окрашивания, чтобы сохранить цвет

Are products marked save color an advertising ploy?

Definitely not. Products for colored hair really retain color: they contain water-soluble silicones that envelop the hair and prevent the pigment from leaving it quickly. It is good to use sulfate-free shampoos that gently cleanse the hair, while minimally washing out the artificial pigment.

Well, the most important rule is to use a range to maintain the hair of the same brand as the dye (it does not matter what kind of paint was — professional or home). Manufacturers, when creating products, monitor the recipe and the combination of components in the dye and the additional line. It is impossible to maintain professional coloring at a good level with shampoos and masks from the mass market. you will quickly be disappointed and, as a result, you will blame the stylist. 

Как правильно мыть голову после окрашивания, чтобы сохранить цвет

What care products do those who regularly dye their hair need to have at home?

  • Shampoo for colored hair – use with every wash;

  • Mask – 1-2 times a week;

  • Conditioner or any flushable care — with every hair wash (but not on the day of using the mask);

  • Indelible care — after each shampooing;

  • Thermal protection – before blow-drying and using stylers.

Our choice:

1/4Kerastase, Blonde Absolu, Ultra-Violet Mask, Nourishing purple Mask that neutralizes yellow undertones

Ideally, when this must have is supplemented with special toning agents: their pigments fill the voids formed after washing out the color with a similar dye and help to hold out relatively painlessly for up to 1.5 months after staining.  

How to properly care for colored hair?

The subsequent care after staining is of great importance for color preservation. All hair restoration products reduce the level of dye resistance, therefore, immediately after “fresh” coloring, hair does not need to be restored (even if they require it — you need to wait a little). Nourishing and moisturizing lines are suitable for all types of coloring, but they do not restore the quality of the hair.

Как правильно мыть голову после окрашивания, чтобы сохранить цвет

Otherwise, you can stick to such a program:

  • The first 48 hours: do not wash your hair, as in the case of some dyes, the color stabilization process may still continue;
  • Week 1: we use flushable care and shampoo for colored hair, be sure to include thermal protection in the care;
  • 2nd week: we connect a mask for colored hair with color fixers, we continue to use thermal protection;
  • Week 3: we start using pigmented products for colored hair, we use indelible care and thermal protection;
  • Week 4: alternate products for colored hair with nourishing and moisturizing lines; use sprays to enhance the radiance effect of colored hair, as well as, if necessary, sprays to mask gray and overgrown roots.

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