How to wash makeup brushes properly so as not to harm the skin afterwards

When cleaning makeup brushes, girls often make annoying mistakes that can lead not only to sloppy makeup, but also to skin problems. In our article we talk about the rules of brush care that will prevent such consequences.

February 18, 2022

Как правильно мыть кисти для макияжа, чтобы не навредить коже потом

Incorrectly cleaned brushes are a sure way to fail in the guidance of the marathon. But this is just the tip of the iceberg, because the health of the skin is also at stake, which can seriously suffer if you do not pay proper attention to cleansing make-up brushes. The owner of the brand of makeup brushes Gi Beauty, the star makeup artist Irina Golubeva, told us about how to wash them properly.

Как правильно мыть кисти для макияжа, чтобы не навредить коже потом

Rinse the pile perpendicular to the water flow

Poorly washed from soap and residues of liquid products, the pile can primarily cause irritation on sensitive skin. The fact is that the remnants of soap between the hairs in combination with the remnants of the foundation spread bacteria over the skin, which contribute to the appearance of rashes, the development of acne, the appearance of acne “).

To avoid such consequences, it is necessary to thoroughly rinse the pile with warm water for 1-2 minutes. In any case, do not wash the pile in the direction of the water flow. Hold the brush horizontally – so that the jet of water flushes the pile from all sides.

Do not forget about the nutrition of the pile

For high-quality makeup application and careful attitude to the skin, it is necessary not only to clean the brush, but also to nourish its hairs. This procedure is especially relevant for brushes made of natural pile. If you do not nourish the pile for a long time, the hairs will become stiff and may cause micro-scratches during application. 

Как правильно мыть кисти для макияжа, чтобы не навредить коже потом

Brushes made of natural pile should be treated as carefully as hair. Once a week they should be washed under running water, and once a month – apply a nourishing mask or a classic hair balm to the pile. So the pile will continue to remain soft for a long time, without injuring the delicate skin of the face.

Choose the brush cleaning products correctly

Another important point when cleaning brushes, which should be taken into account— is the correct selection of products. As mentioned above, it is worth cleaning the brushes under running water once a week, the rest of the time it is worth using special napkins to clean the pile.

The selection of the latter must be approached with special attention. Choose wipes that do not contain alcohol, as it can cause redness on the skin, irritation, as well as dryness. Try to use the brush not immediately after cleaning the pile with a napkin, but after half an hour.

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