How to save money on clothes and not sacrifice style

The crisis is a difficult time, which will affect all spheres of our life. We tell you how to properly save on your wardrobe in order to save a budget and at the same time look stylish and fashionable.

Как правильно экономить на одежде и не жертвовать стилем

The crisis we have faced this year has hurt all areas of our lives – including, of course, fashion. Many brands are leaving the market, and we are forced to look for alternatives to our favorite brands. At such a time, many women decide to reconsider their wardrobe and start saving on clothes. The need to look good — in the profession and in life – is huge. We express ourselves through appearance, and a simple reduction in consumption does not always help us to close the need to look good. And the forced need to wear the same things for months or years is not such a tempting prospect. We tell you how you really need to save on clothes so as not to harm your style.

Make a wardrobe revision

First of all, it is worth carrying out a complete revision of your wardrobe. Carefully review everything you have. Pay attention to the positions that you wore the least often — do you need them and should you save them for better times? In addition, a qualitative revision will allow you to take a fresh look at your existing positions. In the process, new ideas of combinations often come up that you didn’t even think about before. Put things that you don’t wear in a separate bag and hang all the things you need in the closet by positions and colors.

Sell unnecessary

When you have sorted through all the available outfits and found out which things in the wardrobe do not work, it’s time to get rid of them. There can be many options: you can donate them to charity or resell them – now it is very popular (and you invest the proceeds in new, more relevant positions for you). Do not forget that a lot of interesting things of excellent quality can be found in second-hand stores (and often from new collections altogether).

Как правильно экономить на одежде и не жертвовать стилем

Do not buy cheap things

At first glance, it may seem that in order to save money, you need to buy things much cheaper. In fact, the opposite is true. The cheaper the item, the faster it will fail. Since the basis of the wardrobe is still your favorite and most comfortable things for you — if they are of inadequate quality, you will have to buy a similar T-shirt, jeans and trousers again and again. In a year you will spend a lot of money on this. It will be cheaper if you invest in an expensive and high-quality thing that matches your style and will work for you as long as possible. In order to calculate how profitable the purchase turned out to be, you need to divide its price by the number of times you put it on. And the smaller the result, the more profitable your purchase.

Properly organize the space in the closet

Unfortunately, the main enemy of shopaholism is not only our desire to constantly buy something new, but also our disorganized closet. As a poet, first of all, organize the space correctly. Distribute all things by positions, colors and tasks. Hang out outfits for work, leisure and evening events, and also pay special attention to those wardrobe items that are suitable for all occasions at once — these are the most profitable things in your closet that need to be used to the maximum.

How to properly organize the space in the closet?

Follow the discounts

Even if the world-famous Black Friday and a series of gender holidays are already over, many brands regularly arrange pleasant discounts and sales – especially at the end of the season, when it is necessary to get rid of things from previous collections (among which, of course, there are always basic wardrobe items). Keep at hand a list of things that you really need in order not to acquire anything superfluous. And as soon as you see pleasant discounts in your favorite stores, check the list and buy the necessary items.

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