How to remove the second chin with massage: 3 techniques that can be done at home

The second chin is one of the most frequent problems when contacting cosmetologists, but it is quite possible to solve it at home. What exercises will cope with this perfectly — we tell you in detail.

Как убрать второй подбородок при помощи массажа: 3 техники, которые можно делать дома

The second chin annoys both women and men, and not necessarily overweight, so the tips from the “lose weight” series are often groundless. Where does the second chin come from and how to get rid of it — we tell together with the osteopathic doctor, PhD, the author of the unique technique of natural rejuvenation “Facelastic” Ales Ulishchenko.

Why does the second chin grow?

The second chin is a fibrous seal and sagging subcutaneous fat. The logical question is: where did all this come from? Let’s try to explain it from the point of view of osteopathy.

Subcutaneous fat is located above the muscles and is directly connected to them. Under it there is a whole complex of movable organs (hyoid bone, lower thyroid cartilage, trachea) and muscles that attach to them. And they, in turn, are connected with the sternum, jaw, temples, etc.

Everything in our body is interconnected and interdependent. Dysfunctions at the level of bones, muscles, diaphragms of the body affect the condition of the chin. The tension from them is transmitted to the lower jaw, where there are many lymph nodes. There is swelling and a second chin is formed.

Как убрать второй подбородок при помощи массажа: 3 техники, которые можно делать дома

Therefore, paying attention exclusively to subcutaneous fat is not enough. In this case, it is necessary to work comprehensively with the whole body: to establish lymphatic drainage, to build an even posture, to remove tension in muscles, bones, diaphragms. 

To do this, lead an active lifestyle, perform lymphatic drainage jumps, breathing practices, chest stretching exercises; drink enough water, visit an osteopathic doctor and a facelasty specialist. 

Only in combination with all of the above, you will be able to work effectively directly with the area that forms the second chin. Here are three effective techniques that you can do at home.

Technique of correction of the decollete area

  • Starting position: sitting or standing. 

  • Grab the skin roller on your chest with both hands. Roll the roller from the bottom up, to the sides, to the right and to the left. Then mash the skin with circular movements from the center to the periphery.

  • The skin should shift well. With regular performance, swelling, wrinkles and fibrous seals in the decollete area will go away.

Lymphatic drainage of the face, neck and decollete area

  • Perform light tapping on the chest, inhale and exhale, release all emotional tension. Perform within a minute.

  • Grab the muscle under your armpit and stretch it from both sides. Then put your fingers in the supraclavicular pits and exhale, perform squeezes of this zone 20-30 times, simultaneously raising and lowering your shoulders.

Как убрать второй подбородок при помощи массажа: 3 техники, которые можно делать дома

Smoothing the muscles of the diaphragm of the mouth

  • Starting position: sitting, elbows resting on the table.

  • Place your thumbs in the area under the chin on the diaphragm of the mouth. Relax your head and hang it on your fingers. Stand on the trigger points of the diaphragm of the mouth, breathe the tension. After your fingers are completely immersed in the tissue, start moving your head forward, as if stringing it on your fingers, up to the hyoid bone.

Each of these exercises will certainly give its own result. But for a faster and more lasting effect, complex and in-depth work is needed. The beauty of the face begins with the health of the body on the principle of “from the inside out”.

Do not forget to devote time to your health and beauty on a regular basis. Work with the whole body from the crown to the heels and visit a facelasty specialist to correct deep – seated dysfunctions .

About the expert:

Как убрать второй подбородок при помощи массажа: 3 техники, которые можно делать дома

Ales Ulishchenko

Osteopathic doctor, PhD, orthopedic traumatologist, chief physician and founder of Clinic Clinic Dr.Ales, author of the technique of natural rejuvenation of facelastic.

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