How to regain strength after coronavirus: 5 ways to overcome weakness

Many people who have had COVID-19 suffer from chronic weakness for a long time, which significantly reduces performance and quality of life in general. We tell you how to overcome one of the most unpleasant consequences of coronavirus infection — in our material.

Как вернуть себе силы после коронавируса: 5 способов побороть слабость

According to official data, approximately 70% of those who have had COVID-19 develop post-covid syndrome, the so—called “Long Covid”. This is due to the fact that pathological processes capture various organs and body systems in those who have had an infection — even in mild form.

One of the most common components of post—ovoid syndrome is a loss of strength, which can be extremely difficult to cope with. Together with the therapist, cardiologist “SM-Clinic” Rustem Abdulkhaevich Osmanov and allergist-immunologist of the highest category “SM-Clinic” Nadezhda Vladimirovna Furanina, we share useful tips on how to overcome this ailment in the shortest possible time.

Having penetrated into the human body, the coronavirus causes multiple changes and disorders in various organs and systems, causing pathological, sometimes irreversible, processes. According to WHO, clinical manifestations occur in patients who have been ill for 2-6 weeks after recovery. At the same time, patients develop different symptoms. Violation of general well-being and weakness are noted by 89% of those who have been ill. This condition is joined by the inability to perform the usual physical activity, periodic fever, headache, fatigue.

Как вернуть себе силы после коронавируса: 5 способов побороть слабость

Those who have had COVID-19 in mild form usually need 1-2 months to recover from asthenia after a coronavirus infection. If the weakness persists for a long time (3-6 months), you should consult a doctor again. The recovery time also depends on the degree of reactivity of the body, age, concomitant diseases (coronary heart disease, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, obesity, etc.). And now more about the recommendations that can be given to those who suffer from a decline in strength after a coronavirus infection.


The main thing in the diet should be a high-calorie diet with a high protein content (75-100 g of protein per day). Especially rich in them are products such as eggs, yogurt, cheese, meat, fish, poultry, protein shakes. Protein is needed to repair body tissues — it is an important building material for cells, muscles, internal organs and skin.

It is also recommended to consume more fiber (greens, peas, legumes), whole grain products (buckwheat, rice, barley, porridge).

Dairy products are rich in B vitamins. They are necessary to maintain the nervous system, prevent the occurrence of depressive states, reduce emotional stress, improve the functioning of the heart and blood vessels, increase hemoglobin production, strengthen the immune system, improve energy metabolism, etc.

Try to exclude fatty and fried foods from the diet, add more healthy fats to it, which are contained in fish, nuts, avocado, olive oil, etc. They serve as prevention of atherosclerosis, participate in the absorption of vitamins A, D, K, E, stimulate brain activity, that is, they are necessary for energy production.

According to WHO recommendations, vegetables and fruits in the diet should be at least 400 g per day, as they contain a lot of vitamins, trace elements to reduce the risks of developing cardiovascular diseases and oncology.

Heavy drinking and exclusion of alcohol

It is necessary to consume at least 3 liters of liquid per day. It is categorically not recommended to drink alcohol, especially after illness, as it reduces immunity, disrupts metabolism and generally negatively affects the body.

Как вернуть себе силы после коронавируса: 5 способов побороть слабость

Sleep and rest

Sleep at least 7-8 hours a day is necessary for recuperation. Lack of sleep has a bad effect on the immune and nervous system. Hormonal, immune and other negative changes occur if a person sleeps less than 6 hours a day.

Try to be outside more, to walk in the fresh air. This will help to gain strength faster after the illness, strengthen the immune system, improve the functioning of the heart and blood vessels, improve sleep and brain function, improve mood and get rid of stress.

Limitation of physical activity

If you still have residual symptoms after the illness, for example, weakness, headaches, then you should not immediately start training. It is advisable to conduct an ECG examination, chest X-ray, echocardiography to exclude myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle). After recuperation, you can gradually resume physical activity, but at least after 14 days.

Taking vitamins

After a coronavirus infection, it is recommended to take a complex of vitamins and trace elements (groups B, D, A, E, zinc, selenium, etc.) to restore strength.

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