How to pick up a bag for every day: 5 stylist’s life hacks

Even if you like to update your collection of trendy accessories every season, your wardrobe should have at least one versatile, roomy and practical bag for any occasion, suitable for different looks. We share tips on how to choose the one that will definitely not let you down.

Как подобрать сумку на каждый день: 5 лайфхаков стилиста

A favorite accessory of girls not only complements the image, but also stores important things for daily tasks. Together we tell you how to choose the right bag for every day so that you don’t want to part with it.

1. Consider compatibility

Как подобрать сумку на каждый день: 5 лайфхаков стилиста

Find the things that you most often wear on a daily basis, and based on the color palette and style, choose the right bag model. Try to find the option that can be combined with anything in your wardrobe. A neutral classical palette in this case is the best option.

2. Do not lose with the size

Think carefully about what size you really need a bag. Too big an accessory without real demand will be annoying, and because of too small a bag, you may often have to take a shopper with you. If you often carry documents or a laptop with you, consider the necessary parameters).

3. The main thing is the content

Как подобрать сумку на каждый день: 5 лайфхаков стилиста

The value of the bag definitely lies in its ability to accommodate all your most necessary little things. Pay attention to the storage compartments, the ability to put your passport and money under lock and key, as well as other points that will make daily use of the accessory more convenient.

4. Give preference to minimalism

A very bright or unusual bag can easily get bored or look out of place if you go to an event after work, and the format will assume a stricter dress code. Leave the accent bag for suitable occasions, and choose a minimalistic design without unnecessary details as a model for every day.

Как подобрать сумку на каждый день: 5 лайфхаков стилиста

5. Invest in quality

You will want to wear a beautiful universal bag every day, which means that the ideal model must withstand all the rigors of a big city. Pay attention to the materials, fittings, seams and texture. Some types of leather will last you longer than others. It is always better to buy a bag more expensive, but better than throwing away the purchase after a season.

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