How to lose weight in 7 days: effective express diets

When there is not enough time at all to lose extra pounds, it remains either to accept or go ahead. In such cases, the girls resort to heavy artillery. We will tell you about the most effective seven-day diets.

Как похудеть за 7 дней: эффективные экспресс-диеты

Diet “Favorite”

The name of this diet already inspires confidence. It allows you to lose up to eight kilograms in a week. At the same time, you do not have to starve yourself. What is the point? This is a cycle of various one-day mono-diets.

The first day is drinking. You can drink an unlimited amount of liquid throughout the day. Allowed: kefir, yogurt, tea, coffee and even chicken broth. The main condition is that the products must contain a minimum percentage of fat content.

The second day is vegetable. May all lovers of fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and other green delights of the garden rejoice. There is no limit — you can eat vegetables in any quantities. It is best to lean on cabbage.

Day three – drinking. We carry out repeated “cleansing” of the body, as on the first day.

The fourth day is fruit day. You can eat any fruit. Bananas, however, should be consumed in the morning.

Day five is protein. Egg whites, low-fat cottage cheese and kefir, fish and chicken fillet are allowed here.

The sixth day is drinking. The third time promises to be the last.

The seventh day is balanced. This day implies a careful exit from the diet. Breakfast: 2 chicken eggs, fruit. Lunch: vegetarian soup with rice and buckwheat. Snack: fruit. Dinner: light vegetable salad (without mayonnaise!).

The Bonn Soup diet

Как похудеть за 7 дней: эффективные экспресс-диеты

This diet will especially appeal to vegetable lovers. Although, I must say that willy-nilly, but here you will have to love plant food. The basis of everything is the same Bonn soup. It doesn’t sound very tempting, but it makes you lose weight by 4 kg.

To prepare this savior from excess fats, you just need to cook a soup from one head of white cabbage, three bell peppers, four tomatoes, three onions and half celery.

So, day one. Throughout the day we eat this soup and allow ourselves fruits, except bananas.

Day two. Soup and green vegetables. Exclude legumes.

Day three and four. Soup, fruits (except bananas) and any vegetables.

Day five. Soup, tomatoes and beef.

Day six. Soup, beef, vegetables.

Day seven. Soup, rice with vegetables, fruit juice.

Note that every day you need to drink at least 1.5 liters of water.

The Buckwheat-kefir diet

Как похудеть за 7 дней: эффективные экспресс-диеты

This is probably the most monotonous and boring of our diets. It is not difficult to guess that the basis of nutrition here is buckwheat porridge and kefir. Let it not be too joyful, but the result is not long in coming: from 2 to 5 kg go away instantly.

Note that buckwheat porridge should be made according to a special recipe. Wash the buckwheat, pour it into a saucepan, pour boiling water. We cover the top with a lid, wrap it with a towel and leave it overnight. You should forget about salt, as it retains fluid in the body.

It is allowed to drink up to 1.5 liters of low-fat kefir per day. And so it is necessary to hold out for 7 days.

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