How to grow beautiful eyebrows

Only real lucky women manage to grow really beautiful eyebrows that do not need additional tools, as practice shows. We tell you how to stop hoping for luck, and take your eyebrows into your own hands.

Как отрастить красивые брови

Olivia Culpo

Everyone knows how to draw beautiful eyebrows today, but not everyone can decide to walk with natural ones, untouched by pencil, shadows, or ink. But if you are determined, then here are some practical tips for growing naturally beautiful eyebrows.

Let them grow!

Как отрастить красивые брови

Emily Ratajkowski

Captain Evidence reports: eyebrows need time to grow. We know how ugly hairs can grow for a long time, but only after experiencing these “unsympathetic times”, you can get decent arcs. Therefore, hold on with all your might and do not even touch them with tweezers or wax during the growth period.

Diligent girls like Cara Delevingne or Miranda Kerr know that there are two main principles of “nurturing” thick and voluminous eyebrows. The first rule protests against the illegal plucking of small hairs, and the second advocates the use of growth-accelerating serums. The latter will help shorten the transition period.

Professionals go ahead

Как отрастить красивые брови

Jennifer Lopez

Giving the right shape to the eyebrows is not as easy as it may seem at first glance. The main problem faced by those who decided to take matters into their own hands is not even the difference in the shapes of the right and left eyebrows, but the plucked hairs. Often we get carried away playing with tweezers and do not notice how we lose half of the necessary hairs. A professional will not allow such barbarism, and will also choose not a universal one, namely your arc shape, which is also most likely beyond your strength.

In addition, the help of a professional is very important at the first stage, when you are just starting to grow eyebrows. The wizard will tell you where and what you can remove, and where it is better not to even touch with tweezers.

No wax and threads

Как отрастить красивые брови

Cara Delevingne

And if you pluck it, it is very economical. It sounds a bit revolutionary, but that’s the whole secret. If you dream of thick and luxurious eyebrows, stop pulling out the hairs, which, due to such treatment, become thinner and more imperceptible over time. Recently, a new method of eyebrow correction is gaining momentum with the help of special razors that help remove excess hairs without irritating their bulbs and thereby not affecting growth. Another plus of such a trimmer, it allows you to shorten too long hair, forming a clearer line.

Tweezers are still completely removed from your makeup bag is not worth it. With its help, you can get rid of the hairs that are completely out of the eyebrow line. However, we note once again that you need to handle it very carefully.

A little color before correction

Как отрастить красивые брови

Nina Dobrev

If you look closely at the hair that grows on the head, you can easily notice that they are not all the same color, some are slightly darker, some are slightly lighter. Similarly, in the eyebrows, some hairs may be almost transparent, which makes the overall appearance of the arches a little sloppy. Take note of one secret of professional masters: before proceeding with the correction, tone the eyebrows, which will allow you to see their true fullness and density, and already, starting from these volumes, begin to make a correction.

Do not apply extra funds to the eyebrows

Как отрастить красивые брови

Natalia Vodianova

The next time you apply moisturizers, serums, fluids, foundation, concealers, concealers, and so on, make sure that none of this gets on your precious eyebrows. All these products are good for the skin, but not for fragile hairs that suffer from the severity of textures and eventually thin out because of this.

If, after all, something from cosmetics not intended for eyebrows got on them, immediately wash it off with eye makeup remover lotion, and then wipe it with a cotton pad moistened with water. So for sure nothing superfluous will remain on the hairs.

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