How to get rid of heaviness in the stomach after overeating: 10 ingenious ways that really work

An unpleasant feeling of bloating in the stomach after a heavy meal is a situation that everyone has faced at least once in their life. In our material, we have collected the best ways to cope with the malaise quickly and effectively.

Как избавиться от тяжести в животе после переедания: 10 гениальных способов, которые и правда работают

During holidays, vacations, picnics with friends and family, we often put the stomach to the difficult test of overeating, and then frantically look for ways to ease the condition and bring your body back to life. Together with Tatiana Polunina, MD, Professor, gastroenterologist, Head of the Hepatological Center of the European Medical Center, we understand why there is heaviness in the stomach when overeating and how to quickly eliminate it.

Why is there heaviness in the stomach?

Abdominal heaviness is a condition that can be associated with various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract: gastritis, pancreatic disease, in particular, pancreatitis, biliary tract pathology, biliary dyskinesia, cholelithiasis and intestinal diseases, in particular, such as constipation and impaired patency. 

The products that cause heaviness in the stomach can be different: most often it is a large volume of products that cannot pass through the gastrointestinal tube and be evacuated in time, that is, this condition is associated with impaired motor skills. 

But there are other things: when there is difficulty in digesting fatty foods, for example, lamb, pork, beef, which are often washed down with carbonated drinks, which leads to discomfort and pain syndrome “).

Как избавиться от тяжести в животе после переедания: 10 гениальных способов, которые и правда работают

It is also possible to distinguish gallstone disease, violation of the motor mode of bile and bile stasis — they can also lead to heaviness in the abdomen.

This condition also appears when intestinal patency is impaired, which requires mandatory consultation with a specialist. The absence of a stool for more than 3 days with concomitant bloating and discomfort, pain in the epigastric region and along the bowel, as well as with shingles, requires contacting a gastroenterologist, and in some cases, a surgeon.

How to get rid of discomfort?

To eliminate the pain syndrome at home, drugs from the group of prokinetics are used, which normalize motor skills. These are drugs that are prescribed by a doctor, and they, in particular, are prescription drugs, so their appointment must be agreed with the doctor. 

Enzyme preparations, widely advertised on television, are associated with the fact that when overeating, it is necessary to break down fats, proteins and carbohydrates and make them turn into feces and move normally. They are prescribed independently during meals with an error in the diet, an increase in the volume of food and can be used in a dosage of 10,000 units. 

When the question is about a violation of evacuation, in particular, about constipation, which interferes with the motor mode of the intestine, laxatives in the form of candles should be used, which help the motor mode, and various laxatives.

It should be noted that in summer, especially when going to kebabs, it is also better to limit the use of carbonated drinks, in particular beer, cola, in some cases kvass, sparkling water, champagne wines, sparkling wines, which lead to heaviness in the stomach. 

Как избавиться от тяжести в животе после переедания: 10 гениальных способов, которые и правда работают

We recommend taking food in a limited regime, dosing them, not overeating, not using incompatible products, in particular, such as cucumbers and milk, lamb, pork, especially in large volumes and, thus, avoiding abdominal discomfort, feelings of heaviness, and, if the above methods do not help, contact a gastroenterologist.

Ways to get rid of heaviness in the stomach:

  • Reduce the amount of food consumed;

  • Make meals fractional (4-5 times a day);

  • Exclude gas-forming drinks (beer, cola, carbonated drinks, lemonades, champagne wines, sparkling wines);

  • Do not consume fats that are difficult to digest (for example, pilaf made with chicken fat, pork, lamb, kebabs);

  • Reduce the volume of fruits and vegetables that cause gas formation (legumes, onions, garlic) and the volume of fruits containing high amounts of sugars (strawberries, cherries, watermelons, melons);

  • Apply in the presence of bloating, nausea, therapeutic fasting and use products that are well tolerated;

  • Exclude dairy products (milk, cottage cheese, young cheeses, sour cream and, accordingly, mayonnaise);

  • For the period of bloating in the abdomen after eating, move, and not lie on the couch;

  • Pay attention to the combination of food products: do not allow such as, for example, cucumbers and milk, hot pilaf with fat with cold water;

  • The volumes of food should be clearly dosed.  

If there is heaviness in the abdomen, use enzyme preparations containing trypsin, lipase and amylase. If necessary, exclude pathologies of the biliary tract, stomach and intestines during the examination by a specialist.

About the expert:

Как избавиться от тяжести в животе после переедания: 10 гениальных способов, которые и правда работают

Tatiana Polunina

MD, Professor, Gastroenterologist, Head of the Hepatological Center of the European Medical Center

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