How to gain weight so as not to harm your health: 5 golden rules

For a thin girl, it can be difficult to gain weight and adjust the figure towards more rounded shapes. And if you set such a goal for yourself, it is important to follow a number of recommendations with which the result will not take long. The most important of them were collected in our material.

Как набрать вес, чтобы не навредить здоровью: 5 золотых правил

From the outside, it may seem that gaining weight is very easy: eat everything and more, and you will be happy. But in fact it doesn’t work that way — it can be much more difficult to add a healthy weight than to lose a couple of kilograms. How to improve the quality of your body, increase and retain muscle mass – we tell you together with fitness trainer Svetlana Zhileva. 

Ectomorphs — people of medium and tall stature with a lean body type – usually face the situation of “eating everything and not getting fat even without training”. The secret of their excessive slimness most often lies in accelerated metabolism, but if you sin with unhealthy food and fast carbohydrates, against the background of noble thinness and bulging bones, a rounded belly, cellulite and flabby skin will appear.

Even if nature has rewarded you with a slim, fit body, you do not suffer from complexes about your appearance, you still need to exercise and adhere to proper nutrition.

Under the influence of regular stress, lack of sleep, alcohol and possible diseases, metabolism can slow down with age, which directly affects health and figure — excess calories begin to be deposited in a “lifeline” near the waist and in other secluded places.

Quality and quantity of food

In order to gain a healthy weight with a body weight deficit, first of all you need to change your diet — consume more calories than you spend. You should not go to extremes, trying to swallow the maximum possible amount of any food at every meal — in addition to stomach problems, such excesses are often caused by psychological problems and eating disorders.

Как набрать вес, чтобы не навредить здоровью: 5 золотых правил

Approach the issue of weight gain systematically. To analyze your habits and diet at the moment, we advise you to start a food diary: honestly write down everything you eat and drink in it for a couple of days or a week. Then count the number of meals and meals (do not forget to include petty hooliganism in the form of sweets for tea, piecing and snacking too).

Bring out your average daily calorie intake, increase it by 20-25% and make up your approximate menu with an emphasis on slow carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats (avocados, fatty fish, vegetable oils, nuts and seeds are highly desirable).

What to do if you have a bad appetite and in the turmoil of the working day you can only come to your senses in the evening that apart from a cup of coffee for breakfast you have not eaten anything else:

  • Plan your diet in advance: cook food at home, take containers with you to work or study — this is useful not only for health, but also significantly saves the budget;

  • Set an alarm clock or a reminder on your phone when you need to take a break for lunch – do not be fooled and respect yourself, 5-10 free minutes will be found even in the most clogged schedule of a top businessman;

  • We advise you to feed inspiration and excitement for healthy food with the help of new products: add unusual fruits, vegetables, cereals, nuts, legumes, meat and fish to your diet. Use different cooking methods (grill, aerogrill, in the oven or steamed), experiment with sauces;

  • Water balance is extremely important: 2 liters of pure still water is your must-have, so always keep a glass or a bottle of water nearby.

Any meal, regardless of your goals and strategy, should be comfortable and enjoyable. At the same time, try to do without sodas, sweets, fast food and other food debris.

Strength training

Without strength training, muscle gain in the right places is impossible. Exercise 2-3 times a week, 1-2 of which are given to the muscle group in which you want to progress the most. We recommend giving the main load to the back and hips, due to which the waist will look visually narrower.

Classes can be intense, but quite short in time – about 45 minutes, taking into account the warm-up. Keep cardio training to a minimum — tachycardia and burning of deficient body weight will be useless. As soon as you adapt to the loads and start working on increasing body weight, then the results will really please you.

Как набрать вес, чтобы не навредить здоровью: 5 золотых правил

Eating before training is the key to maintaining muscle mass, greater impact, strength and energy during classes. Therefore, an hour and a half before coming to the gym, it is important to eat a full meal: your ideal plate should consist of 55-60% carbohydrates, 25-30% protein and 10-15% fat.

Do not forget about the carbohydrate window — within 35-40 minutes after training, it is especially important for the body to cover the energy expended and replenish its nutrient reserves. If it is not possible to eat normally at this time, prepare in advance and put a banana, a protein bar, a cookie or a cocktail in your workout bag. 


A night’s sleep of at least 7-8 hours and rest between workouts are required: the maximum release of growth hormone occurs during sleep and rest, and not during hard work in the gym. The trained muscle group should rest for at least 48 hours before the next load .

Systematic and self-discipline

It will not be possible to gain the desired weight from a rush: you need to train, count calories and monitor your diet regularly. If you work hard on yourself for a week, and then give up and return to your previous lifestyle— the path to the final goal will become even longer.

If the breakdown still occurred, in a clouded mind you ate too much harm and skipped training — do not give up on yourself and your plans! The most important thing at this moment is not to go off the planned path for good.

Think about what exactly could have caused this breakdown? Perhaps you were overly nervous, overestimated your strength, drove yourself into too rigid a framework, or something out of the ordinary happened? Do you really want to work on yourself, become a proud and happy owner of a dream figure? Live, feel and digest these emotions, and the next day return to normal mode, continue to move in the same rhythm as before.

Как набрать вес, чтобы не навредить здоровью: 5 золотых правил

Hide the scales away

Do not forget that the main work on yourself begins with the head. As soon as you start eating right and going to the gym, try to rid yourself of neurotic desires to monitor changes in the body too often: weigh yourself every day, sigh languidly at the reflection in the mirror and wait for stunning results in a moment. Working with your own body is not the easiest and fastest thing, give your body time to rebuild in a new way.

Determine one day of the week on which you will monitor your results: the numbers on the scales, the girth of the hips, chest and waist in centimeters. For clarity, take a photo in full-length underwear in front, side and back at the very beginning of your journey, after a month, two, three, etc. 

If you really want it, then it’s the right time to add new habits to your life and start changing – right now! Any situation can be solved, and if it is difficult for you to act alone, it is worth seeking help and support from specialists. 

You will need:

Fitness trainer.

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