How to determine your skin type (once and for all)

Before buying a particular care product, you need to understand whether it suits you or not. The main criteria are age and skin type. If everything is clear with the first one, then we will help you with the second one.

Как определить свой тип кожи (один раз и навсегда)

Three Steps to Determine your Skin type

You don’t need to be a dermatologist to understand what type of skin your skin belongs to. There are three simple steps to acquiring this greatest knowledge. And they are extremely simple.

  1. Find a mirror.
  2. Carefully examine your pores. Large pores, somewhat resembling dimples on an orange peel, indicate an oily skin type. The absence of visible pores indicates a dry type. The absence of visible pores on the cheeks, but enlarged pores in the T-zone indicate a combined skin type. If none of the descriptions do not suit you, and your pores cannot be called either enlarged or completely invisible, then most likely you are that rare lucky person, the owner of a normal skin type.
  3. To make sure of your guesses, do another test. Lightly pinch the skin of your cheek and see how it will appear under the pressure of your fingers. If collected, it is immediately dotted with fine wrinkles, then this indicates a lack of hydration and confirms the fact that your skin belongs to the combined or dry type. If it feels dense and smooth to the touch, then this indicates that it is hydrated and that you can completely exclude the possibility of dry or combined skin type.

So, you found out what type your skin belongs to. What now, throw your creams in the trash and run for new ones? And now how to live with the acquired knowledge? Calm, only calm, we will not leave you without detailed instructions and tell you what manipulations and actions each skin type requires.

Как определить свой тип кожи (один раз и навсегда)

Dry skin

Despite the fact that owners of dry skin do not need to worry about enlarged pores and greasy shine, they still have something to worry about. This type often experiences problems, as they say, with a healthy complexion. Dry skin often looks tired and haggard. This is especially noticeable during the cold season, when we are faced with a lack of sun and excessive dryness of the air. How to solve the problems of peeling, thinness and rub elasticity, which are so familiar to the owners of this type? Hydration, nutrition and hydration again. All kinds of patches, creams, masks and modern gadgets will help you with this. For example, an air humidifier should become your indispensable assistant in the fight for the beauty of the skin. Also, changing your diet will be a good help. Experts especially insist on the introduction of products such as avocados and various vegetable smoothies and smoothies that will treat you from the inside. In general, strictly speaking, owners of dry skin should especially love products with a high content of Omega-3, which will help keep the skin toned and well hydrated.

Oily skin

Let’s start with the bad news. As a rule, this type of skin is not very attractive externally — enlarged pores, unhealthy fading, regular rashes. However, we are sure that you already know this firsthand. However, despite all of the above problems, even oily skin can look beautiful and well-groomed. The key to success is regular cleansing.

Two or three times a week, perform a light mechanical peeling using various scrubs or electric brushes that are popular today. Also, do not forget about acid-based face masks, which should be used no more than once a month. They will help the skin to be updated regularly and in some cases will be able to solve the problems of acne and other various rashes. Do not forget that in your case, use non-comedogenic cosmetics that will not clog the ducts of the sebaceous glands. Also avoid alcohol-based products, even though such products are mostly recommended for oily skin. Such cosmetics can be selected exclusively by a cosmetologist who will be able to study the needs of your skin in more detail.

Как определить свой тип кожи (один раз и навсегда)

Combination skin

As it is easy to guess, you are characterized by problems of two skin types at once. As a rule, the T-zone can “boast” of enlarged pores and greasy shine, and the remaining part (most often the cheeks) experiences constant dryness and lack of hydration. Your task is to find a balance between the two types of care and try to give the skin what it needs at the moment. Sometimes she may especially lack hydration, and sometimes proper cleansing. You should also learn the latest trends in home care called “multimasking” — we are talking about using several products for different areas of the face at once. It all started, as the name suggests, with the delimitation of the territories of applying masks, and now it has moved on to the field of creams and serums. After all, you don’t apply eye cream to your lips, and you don’t smear your eyelids with a thick layer of balm for the chapped skin of the mouth.

Normal skin

Congratulations, you are as lucky as anyone else. Your skin is not just one of the four types of norm, but the most trouble-free of them. You are unfamiliar with the problems of enlarged pores and dryness from the light breeze of the air conditioner. You have never encountered unexplained rashes and greasy shine on your forehead. You’re lucky to say that.

Such skin is elastic, smooth, characterized by normal sebum secretion, and also tolerates various cosmetic manipulations well. However, your task is one of the most difficult. You need to preserve all this beauty, despite the terrible environmental conditions and the natural biological aging process, which can cause your normal skin type to change to dry. What tips? Regular care! Strangely enough, it is the owners of normal skin type who care less about the beauty of their skin, which leads to the appearance of premature signs of aging. Do not neglect the basic rules of care and you will never know what another skin type is and the problems associated with them.

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