How to create volume on thin hair

Owners of thin hair, as a rule, dream of a magnificent hairstyle, but not every voluminous styling can last all day. We tell you in detail how to achieve what you want.

Как создать объем на тонких волосах

Creating a luxurious voluminous hairstyle is easier than it might seem at first glance. The main thing is to practice at home before a responsible appearance or an important meeting, and also do not forget to stock up on a simple arsenal for beauty experiments (in our case, this is shampoo, hair oil, spray, varnish, hair dryer and brushing).

Step-by-step instructions:

Wash your hair using shampoo to create volume (unlike others, it does not weigh down the hair). Spread evenly over the entire length from the roots to the tips of the mousse with medium fixation. If the ends of the hair are very dry, apply a small amount of oil on them, no larger than a coin.

Spray a small amount of texturing spray with sea salt along the entire length.

Dry your hair by lowering your head down, this will help give your hair extra volume. Work the dried hair on brushing: highlighting small strands in the parietal area and on the top of the head, lift them at the roots on a round comb.

The bristles of the brushing should almost touch the roots, and the jet of hot air should go downwards.

Pull the facial hair slightly using brushing — this will make the styling more accurate.

Как создать объем на тонких волосах

Spray dry shampoo directly on the roots on those areas where additional volume is required, usually the crown and sides.

After that, lift the hair roots with massage movements — this will create an air volume.

Fix the result with a light fixation varnish. The operation to add volume to thin hair has been completed. The laying is ready!

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