How to choose earrings to match the eye color: secrets of perfect combinations

We reveal the secret of how easy it is to emphasize the natural beauty and make the eyes shine even brighter with just one decoration.

Как подобрать серьги под цвет глаз: секреты идеальных сочетаний

Proper clothes and makeup are the most obvious way to emphasize natural beauty. However, there is a more effective and at the same time as inconspicuous as possible for others — to select sparkling stones in jewelry so that they favorably highlight your eyes and make them shine even brighter, regardless of what shade you were born with.

As a rule, first of all we want to buy earrings of the same color as the eyes. However, this step is wrong, and it is worth avoiding such combinations. Makeup artists often emphasize the importance of makeup contrasting with eye color, and the same goes for jewelry. If you match the jewelry tone to the eyes, you can get the opposite effect: neither the eyes nor the jewelry will stand out. Choose colored gems that subtly accentuate your eye shade by playing with them in contrast. We offer some effective tips for each eye color, so that you can easily choose the perfect jewelry for yourself, emphasizing your natural data.

Blue eyes

Как подобрать серьги под цвет глаз: секреты идеальных сочетаний

Blue eyes will sparkle brighter if you complement them with precious stones that contrast with this soft shade. You can focus on simple colors: black, silver and gray – and look at black opal, moonstone, quartz, sodalite and gray agate. By choosing more neutral colors, you will be able to emphasize small iridescences of color or specks.

Try experimenting with an orange palette – decorations with fire opals will give the blue color the maximum effect. Ideal companions will be agate and quartz, thanks to which blue eyes shine.

Hazel eyes

Как подобрать серьги под цвет глаз: секреты идеальных сочетаний

The hazel eyes are undoubtedly stunning. Brown eyes with iridescences of green, brown and even blue always look different, and therefore allow us to experiment even more with shades of jewelry. It is important to choose such earrings that would emphasize all the semitones of the mysterious walnut color. Therefore, instead of choosing green or brown stones, bet on pink and purple. These shades allow hazel eyes to open in all their glory.

Hazel eyes also look beautiful in combination with turquoise, aquamarine and other shades of green and blue. This palette helps to highlight the yellow spots that are usually found in the owners of such eyes. Try on a deep blue tanzanite, amethyst, pink tourmaline or purple quartz.

Brown eyes

Как подобрать серьги под цвет глаз: секреты идеальных сочетаний

Brown eyes have inspired countless artists and singers over the years. Owners of dark brown eyes are especially lucky: they look amazing with almost any shade of jewelry. To properly emphasize the look, place a cool color next to the warmth of brown eyes. Choose green or blue gemstones, such as blue sapphire or emerald. But avoid too saturated and dark sapphires — the desired effect will not work.

When choosing jewelry, pay attention to amethyst and jade – forest green and purple will be an actual accent in the image, while playing interestingly in contrast with the brown eye color.

Gray eyes

Как подобрать серьги под цвет глаз: секреты идеальных сочетаний

Nothing highlights the brilliance of gray eyes like the icy radiance of diamonds. Try combining a neutral shade of silver with achromatic white. One of the most important tasks that a diamond performs is the reflection of white light, due to which the eyes will shine, so even minimalistic carnations will be a good choice. A more democratic alternative to diamonds will be white topaz – they look no less advantageous.

The expressiveness of gray eyes is also emphasized by greenish shades of stones: agate, alexandrite, turquoise, light green beryl, malachite, chrysoprase or uvarovite — a greenish variety of garnet.

Green eyes

Как подобрать серьги под цвет глаз: секреты идеальных сочетаний

Green is the rarest eye color in the world. It is believed that only 2% of the population have this unique shade. But the possibilities of the owners of green eyes are really limitless: choose jewelry made of sterling silver or yellow gold, against which the eyes will shine brighter.

Have you ever wondered why iconic stars like Susan Sarandon and Julianne Moore often dress in green? Because fire and green are the most incredible combination of shades. Therefore, the most successful choice will be rubies, paired with which green eyes will really shine. Favorably accentuate the look of large stud earrings or drops with rubies cut “briolet”. For maximum effect, look out for gems that are close in color to the unusual red shade of “pigeon blood”. Too pink rubies will not produce such a dramatic effect.

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