How not to: 7 serious mistakes on the way to perfect eyebrows

We talk about common beauty mistakes that can spoil the appearance of even naturally perfect eyebrows.

Как не надо: 7 серьезных ошибок на пути к идеальным бровям

Cara Delevingne is considered the owner of really perfect eyebrows

Mistake #1: Changing the natural curve of your eyebrows too noticeably

Nature has created our faces harmonious. And your eyebrows have exactly the arch shape that best matches the proportions of your face. This means that the arc must always be in its proper place. There is no need to form a “high arch” on the face (believe me, the shape of the eyebrows “surprised egg” has long gone out of fashion). But, on the other hand, you should not paint over the “extra hairs” with a tinting agent, thereby trying to make the shape more even if your eyebrows are naturally more curved.

Solution: leave the arc in the place where it was originally located. If it seems to you that something is really wrong with its location, go for advice and help to the good (we emphasize: to the good!) brovistu. Make sure of his professional flair before he picks up the tweezers. An outsider, devoid of a sense of style, can also spoil your eyebrows.

Как не надо: 7 серьезных ошибок на пути к идеальным бровям

Miranda Kerr

Как не надо: 7 серьезных ошибок на пути к идеальным бровям

Katie Holmes

Mistake #2: Creating an eyebrow shape that doesn’t fit Your face

You should have your own eyebrow shape that perfectly matches the shape of your face and compensates for some shortcomings (for example, if you have a drop eye shape, then the upper point of the eyebrow should be slightly raised, horizontal eyebrows will not work here; if your face is elongated, on the contrary, it is better to make the eyebrows more horizontal, and their tip — a little longer to visually “stop” this elongation).

Solution: If you don’t feel confident in this matter, just make an appointment with an eyebrow specialist. It is better to choose the perfect shape for you correctly once than to experiment on yourself all your life.

Mistake #3: Try to make eyebrows as identical as possible

Our faces are not symmetrical in principle. So just accept the fact that your eyebrows are not exactly the same by nature, and this is completely normal. With the help of makeup, we should only partially correct the flaws, and not create twin eyebrows.

Solution: try less. Leave perfectionism for other things. And after all the efforts, fix the hairs with transparent wax or a special eyebrow tint.

Как не надо: 7 серьезных ошибок на пути к идеальным бровям

Lily Aldridge

Как не надо: 7 серьезных ошибок на пути к идеальным бровям

Jennifer Connelly

Mistake #4: Cut your eyebrows yourself

This is a direct way to ruin your eyebrows. Yes, in some cases, hair cutting is necessary. Another thing is that you really need to be able to do such manipulation, especially on yourself. For one wrong move and… it’s better not to even think about it.

Solution: Do you really need this? Then do it with a specialist. At least until you are sure that you have learned no worse. If necessary, trim the hairs in zones, combing the areas from one to the other in turn, and vice versa. Cutting the hairs one by one is not recommended at all. And still buy more wax and fixing gel for eyebrows.

Mistake # 5: Self-correction of eyebrows after a long break

Yes, it happens that for some reason we launch our eyebrows (session, project submission, quarterly report, long business trip without the opportunity to escape to the salon, vacation on a desert island, decree). And if the number of extra hairs around your once-perfect arch is more than you can remove one-two-three, go to a specialist. Even if it seems to you that you remember exactly how it was. Correction of overgrown eyebrows is the No. 1 service in the brow specialist’s treatment room. And let it stay that way.

Solution: the wizard will make you a form and will maintain it from session to session and, if necessary, correct it correctly. A home-made copy of eyebrow tweezers is perfect for removing a couple of ill-fated hairs that have grown in the wrong place in between visits to a professional.

Как не надо: 7 серьезных ошибок на пути к идеальным бровям

Emma Roberts

Mistake #6: Choosing the wrong product color

Taking up eyebrow makeup, we often adopt a tool much darker than necessary, which ultimately dissonates with our face.

Solution: try to choose eyebrow products in good faith: bet on funds for half a tone-a tone darker than the main color of the hair on the head, along the way, look closely at the texture. Avoid hard contours, especially black ones. Eyebrows are not a place for experiments of this kind (and not all catwalk trends should be transferred to real life).

In addition, stock up on another product a couple of tones lighter than the eyebrow hairs: it is with them that you will determine the contour — clear and discreet at the same time.

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Mistake #7: Applying the product incorrectly

Solution: after you choose the perfect shade for you, start filling the voids from the inner corner of the eyebrow.

Hint: imagine that next to the tips of the nose on both sides you drew two vertical lines right up to the hairline of the head. So, using the tool, do not apply color inside the space formed by these lines. Ideally, each eyebrow should “rest” on its own line (and in no case stand up for it): the left one goes to the one on the left, the right one, respectively, to the one on the right.

Also, before applying the product, make sure that there is not too much of it on the brush, otherwise you will make the eyebrows “heavy”. Notice the excess — shake them off a little on the back of your hand.

If you prefer pencils to shadows, powders, gels and sticks, then before making up your eyebrows, make sure that it is well sharpened.

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