How healthy tea becomes harmful to health

Australian scientists, after conducting a number of studies, found out that tea is very good for health. We do not detract from the professionalism of foreign researchers, but what will they say to these few theses below?

Как полезный чай становится вредным для здоровья

Along with plain water, tea is considered one of the healthiest drinks. It not only replenishes the balance of fluid in the body, but also, according to various data, has a positive effect on the physical and psychological state of a person. So, it is believed that tea reduces the risk of ovarian cancer, Parkinson’s disease and dementia, and also saves from depression.

However, despite many positive studies, there are other, not so rosy, data on the effect of this drink on the human body. It turns out that tea has the property of absorbing and preserving various toxins for a long time, which can get into the cherished leaves both from the soil during the ripening of the plant, and from the environment already during drying, transportation or storage of tea. We tell you what danger an ordinary mug of tea can carry and how to avoid toxic consequences.

Potential risk

Как полезный чай становится вредным для здоровья

Heavy metals

In 2013, a study was published in the Journal of Toxicology (Journal of Toxicology), which described the study of 30 different types of tea for toxicity. After monitoring, the scientists found dangerously high lead content in all samples, and in some also aluminum. Both are known to increase the risk of heart, kidney and reproductive system diseases. A 2015 study published in the Journal of Food Composition and Analysis not only confirmed the already known data, but also expanded them: it turns out that tea bags containing citric acid (that is, with the aroma and taste of citrus fruits) contain an even more dangerous amount of aluminum, cadmium and lead – about 10-70 times higher than his non-aromatized colleagues.  


According to a study published in 2013 in the Journal of Food Composition and Analysis, the fluoride content in inexpensive industrial teas exceeds the daily recommended norm by more than three times. At the same time, it is noted that elite and expensive teas do not have such a high indicator of fluoride content. Scientists see the reason for the low concentration of a dangerous substance in such teas in the technologies of growing, collecting and processing leaves: as a rule, they are carried out in compliance with strict norms and regulations. In addition, young leaves that do not have time to accumulate harmful substances in themselves are more often used in good teas. Recall that regular excess of the daily intake of fluoride threatens the development of diseases such as dental fluorosis, arthritis and bone fluorosis.

Pyrrolizidine alkaloids

In November 2015, Food Chemistry magazine analyzed 44 samples of herbal teas intended for use by infants, pregnant and lactating women. The study showed that 38 of them (86%) tested positive for the presence of pyrrolizidine alkaloids – toxins produced by some flowering plants and especially harmful to liver health. Such data are of particular importance for pregnant and lactating women, since toxic compounds can be transmitted from mother to fetus or baby through milk or through internal nutrition channels and cause not only liver damage, but the development of cancer.

Как полезный чай становится вредным для здоровья

How to protect yourself

  • Reduce the tea brewing time to three minutes: the longer you keep the leaves in hot water, the more toxins are in the mug.
  • Do not buy tea from polluted regions – India, China and Sri Lanka are considered such. For example, tea from China has a high content of lead and aluminum, which the leaves “absorb” from the soil spoiled by coal-fired power plants.
  • Give preference to white tea, since very young leaves are used for its preparation, which during their life on the bush do not have time to absorb a large amount of toxic substances.
  • Buy natural tea without additives. As a rule, flavored packaged teas are made from low-quality leaves and with the addition of various chemicals, which increases the risk of toxic substances entering the body.
  • Reduce the amount of tea consumed to four cups a day. The less you drink, the lower the risk of toxic poisoning.
  • Give up herbal teas, especially those with the addition of mint, rooibos and chamomile. This way you will reduce the likelihood of poisoning with alkaloids.

You will need

Tea set for 6 persons

Как полезный чай становится вредным для здоровья

Tea set for 6 people to know the price

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