How freckles became a sign of aristocracy and individuality

The times when it was necessary to hide a scattering of freckles with a layer of tone and powder have passed and, hopefully, irrevocably.

Как веснушки стали признаком аристократизма и индивидуальности

The touching scattering of freckles of the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, evokes sympathy and emphasizes the fragility of the main character of all the gossip columns of recent times. As a bonus, she has already spawned an army of imitators who are ready to do anything for the sake of the most distant resemblance to the wife of Prince Harry. Make-up artists do not get tired of drawing brown dots on the faces of the suffering and “stuffing” the most desperate tattoo—freckles – experts themselves call it the “Meghan Markle effect”. Perhaps he does not guarantee a royal wedding, but he definitely creates a reputation as a “fashionable and advanced” it-girl.

But do not forget that the Duchess has this feature of appearance not artificially acquired, but her own. It’s just that Megan, with the determination characteristic of American girls, stopped hiding freckles, and made them an integral part of her image, removing them from the category of cute imperfections to the rank of indisputable advantages. Make – up artist Lydia F. Sellers, who worked with Megan on the set of the series “Force Majeure”, says that the main requirement of the actress for makeup was “not to mask freckles.”

Как веснушки стали признаком аристократизма и индивидуальности

Meghan Markle, 2018

She literally insisted that they be seen: all and each one separately.

No dense tone and concealers — only “freshness and naivety scattered across the bridge of the nose.” The wish was fulfilled, and the fans of the series “Force Majeure” could enjoy the result first, and then numerous viewers of an unforgettable wedding ceremony. 

Gone are the days when aristocrats made any sacrifices for the sake of an even tone of the face, considering traces of pigmentation signs of low origin and traces of hard work in the open air. Already from the second half of the XX century, characters with a scattering of freckles began to appear more and more often on the screens and in the gloss, which spoke not at all about the social status of the “owner”, but about his bright personality. In addition, dermatologists were finally able to convince everyone that a genetic predisposition to melanin accumulation is not a deviation from the norm, and is not even considered hyperpigmentation (although, of course, it requires enhanced protection from the sun). Thus, the “red-red-freckled” was officially given the “green light”.

Как веснушки стали признаком аристократизма и индивидуальности

In the modern world, the ranks of “sun-kissed” stars are quite numerous. Gorgeous Julianne Moore, scandalous Lindsay Lohan, top model Josephine Le Toutour, Victoria’s Secret angel Elsa Hosk, as well as actresses Emma Watson, Penelope Cruz and Jessica Chastain — they are all happy (as it has now turned out) owners of freckles.

In addition, freckled models occupied the fashion catwalks at the shows of Max Mara, Jasper Conran, Christian Wijnants, Vivetta, Celine. And if someone is “unlucky” to be born with increased melanin production (it would just be very useful right now), then designers and makeup artists are ready to correct the “mistake” of nature without flinching by drawing or pasting artificial freckles on their faces.


Jasper Conran

Back in 2011, Charlotte Tilbury practiced drawing with a pencil on the faces of models at the Chloe show, and in 2014, the legendary Val Garland came up with real placers of dots for Preen.

In 2015, Emma Stone shocked the secular society with her appearance at the SAG Awards ceremony: her image with fake freckles was unanimously recognized as the most stylish exit of the year.

Как веснушки стали признаком аристократизма и индивидуальности

Emma Stone at the SAG Awards, 2015

And despite the fact that the story of glued freckles is not new at all, mass Instagram craze (an extremist organization banned in Russia) began not so long ago, changing the fashion for transferable tattoos. The rising star of social networks Kylie Jenner has repeatedly demonstrated to her multimillion army of fans a freckled face without makeup and collected thousands of rave reviews under each post.

Of course, freckle mania is a vast field for psychologists to work in, but even without them it is clear that the very concept of “beauty of the human face” has changed. We have learned to understand and accept different types of appearance, moved away from the “licked” standards. Look how bravely and skillfully Winnie Harlow turned vitiligo disease into her main beauty trump card – perfection is not so interesting anymore. Personality, charm, inner message, style, gait, in the end – that’s what attracts attention today. Scattered on the cheeks, nose and forehead, freckles give the face a pretty naivety, youth and sexual attractiveness. 

Stars who have freckles:

1/16model Elsa Hosk


If you have everything natural, then it’s enough just to give up the foundation and allow the constellation of brown spots to show off freely on your face. Only a concealer and translucent powder can remain in the cosmetic bag, which will help to delicately even out the skin tone. Blush is better to choose dry or non-greasy cream, but necessarily warm shades. 

You will need:

Do it yourself

For those who are ready to experiment and want to try on a fashionable image, you will have to learn to draw. But it’s not that hard. At Topshop you can find a special cosmetic product — a pencil for drawing freckle Freckle Pencil. In principle, any gray-brown eyeliner or eyebrow pencil will do: you can use it to point as many points as you want (without fanaticism, of course), the main thing is to avoid symmetry and make them different in size so that they look more like real ones.

Put a dot and be sure to press it lightly with your finger — from the warmth of your hands, it will melt a little and look more natural. But then touching the face during the day and using thermal sprays is strictly prohibited — beauty pointillism requires careful handling.

Some makeup artists suggest applying linnets with henna. Their saturation will depend on the exposure time of the paint: hold it longer — get a bright picture, hold it less — the freckles will be paler and more natural. This effect will last up to two weeks, but over time — be prepared for this — it will start to turn yellow.

Tattoo Group

Как веснушки стали признаком аристократизма и индивидуальности

Salons have long offered microblading and tattooing of freckles, but these procedures, by and large, are traumatic for the skin. However, the most desperate dare even to do this. However, you need to be prepared for the fact that after the procedure everything will look too bright, but over time the excess pigment will go away and the result will come closer to natural.

Temporary tattoo freckles are quite another matter. They are safe and make the process much more exciting and creative: you can make a multi-colored track, you can play with sequins… The story resembles transfer pictures from childhood: they chose a place, attached a strip with a pattern, pressed a wet towel on top and in a minute you can already remove the “carrier paper” and admire the cute specks on your nose.

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