Goodbye, cellulite: the 20 best remedies to combat “orange peel”

We choose the most effective anti-cellulite cosmetics, learn how to use it correctly and enhance the effect with effective hardware techniques.

Прощай, целлюлит: 20 лучших средств для борьбы с «апельсиновой коркой»

What is cellulite like

It is not necessary to say that cellulite is a meaningless cosmetic defect of the skin, in some ways giving it a certain charm (recall Rubens’ canvases). The word has Latin roots and the suffix -it, which, according to the medical language, means “inflammation” (cystitis, arthritis, appendicitis — there are enough examples). Why, then, is everyone saying that cellulite is a physiological norm? It’s all about the different stages of development, of which there are only four. 

The first stage is due to the fact that a small stagnation of fluid forms in the layers of the skin. At the same time, it is moderately elastic, smooth, vascular pattern and some other serious visual changes are not noticeable. We can say that this is the notorious “norm”. You can cope with such cellulite pretty quickly: you just need to adjust your diet, physical activity regime and, if necessary, hormonal background.

The second stage of cellulite is formed when the venous and lymphatic systems do not cope with their work and begin to poorly remove fluid from the body. Due to excess water, the transport of nutrients to the skin cells and subcutaneous fat is disrupted. Acidification of tissues together with a lack of oxygen change the structure of the intercellular fluid: it becomes jelly-like, connective tissue grows, and with light pressure you can see bumps and irregularities – the hated “orange peel”. This stage can also be corrected quite easily — we will tell you about the methods a little later. 

The third stage of cellulite “grows” from the second: puffiness increases, adipose tissue grows, skin lumpiness becomes visually palpable, a venous pattern appears. Half measures are not enough here: stage 3 requires a serious approach, including taking courses in hardware techniques. 

Stage No. 4 is characterized by severe swelling of tissues and hypersensitivity of the skin (up to painful sensations). This is the most neglected form of cellulite, which, at times, may even require surgical intervention.

Прощай, целлюлит: 20 лучших средств для борьбы с «апельсиновой коркой»

Causes of cellulite

Men were more lucky: they don’t have cellulite (well, almost none). And this is despite the fact that the factors contributing to its development are abused – lack of physical activity, poor nutrition, chronic stress and lack of sleep, bad habits – they are much more common. This fact has a physiological explanation: “female” cellulite develops more often and faster due to the peculiarities of the structure of subcutaneous fat and the work of female sex hormones (the hormone estrogen is responsible for the distribution of the fat layer in the bowels of the body). By the way, it is about hormones that we often forget, and this should not be done in any case: a “hormonal storm” associated with pregnancy or a sharp change in the usual lifestyle can be the beginning of a sharp progression of the initial stage of cellulite. 

Cellulite has a national character: its forms and rates of development are associated with “kitchen” traditions. So, in countries that revere hearty fatty foods (including Russia), the problem is more acute than where the population prefers low-calorie dishes and polyunsaturated fats (for example, Japan).

The composition of anti-cellulite products

It’s too late to run to the pharmacy for a wonderful anti-cellulite cream when skin changes are visible to the naked eye: deformation of subcutaneous fat begins long before this moment. And the treatment of cellulite of the third and fourth stages is a long and costly matter, and it is better to try to avoid it by starting prevention in advance. 


Anti-cellulite remodeling serum Body Strategist from [ comfort zone ]

Serious manufacturers do not turn an anti—cellulite cream into a chemical cocktail of dozens of components (when there are a lot of ingredients, the concentration of each — and therefore the final effectiveness of the remedy – will be minimal), preferring one, but in larger quantities. 


Anti-cellulite body gel “Body Active” from Oriflame

The most popular components of anti—cellulite products are caffeine (sometimes its concentration can reach up to 10%) and its derivatives (coffee, chocolate, guarana extract), plant extracts (horse chestnut, ivy, cuffs, kelp), essential oils and powerful lipolytics, i.e. “fat burners”, which are specially developed by the manufacturers themselves cosmetics. Anti-cellulite cosmetics cannot do without so-called “thermal additives” (menthol, camphor, pepper, nicotinic acid, etc.), which have a slight warming or, conversely, cooling effect, improving blood flow and contributing to more effective penetration of active components. 


Lipolytic Gel against Cellulite Defi Cellulite from THALGO

How to use anti-cellulite cosmetics

In order for a product marked “anti-cellulite” or “modeling” to work, it is enough to follow a few simple rules. 

Прощай, целлюлит: 20 лучших средств для борьбы с «апельсиновой коркой»

1. Use it regularly: optimally twice a day (some brands, such as the American Bliss, specifically for this purpose produce two types of funds – day and night). 

2. Consider the texture. Anti-cellulite creams and gels, as a rule, do not require a long massage (it is better to do it first in the shower with a massage glove): diligent friction can delaminate the structure, and instead of an “active” coating, you will get useless pellets. Most of the products are applied simply: a couple of rubbing movements to distribute the cream over the surface, and a quick study of the most problematic areas like breeches with the knuckles or the edge of the palm. It’s a completely different story with anti-cellulite oils: their rich texture and greasier formula require careful rubbing for “absorption” by the skin. Conclusion: follow the comments of the cosmetics manufacturer indicated on the package.

3. Apply after a shower. Anti-cellulite cream is applied to clean skin: otherwise, the product can simply roll off without having any result. In addition, cosmetics work much more productively on skin warmed up after hot water. Home peels and scrubs will help to enhance the effect of penetration of active ingredients. 

The fight against cellulite will take time: reasonable dietary restrictions and an increase in motor activity, together with the use of high-quality modeling tools, will give the first results no earlier than 2-3 months.

Прощай, целлюлит: 20 лучших средств для борьбы с «апельсиновой коркой»

Anti-cellulite cream Mary Kay TimeWise Body Smooth-Action

Why do we need hardware techniques

When cellulite entered the second stage, to cope with it only with the help of home care — cosmetics and self—massage – alas, it will not work. Hardware techniques will come to the rescue. Vacuum roller massage continues to be among the most effective of them today (mechanical pressure increases blood circulation in problem areas, improving lymphatic drainage). Such a massage is good to complement with sessions of pressotherapy — it helps to remove excess fluid from the body, helping to successfully fight cellulite. Another method that helps to cope with the “orange peel” is mesotherapy, during which a cocktail is introduced into problem areas that affects fat cells and connective tissue adhesions. 

Not so long ago, the arsenal of cosmetologists was replenished with another effective technology for combating cellulite: a procedure called “radial shock wave therapy”. Presented in the clinic, it is carried out on the Z wave device (the manufacturer is the German company Zimmer Medizin Systeme), shock wave therapy has been successfully used in physiotherapy for more than 35 years, and in cosmetology its properties turned out to be very useful. The acoustic energy generated by the shock wave is able to penetrate to a great depth inside the tissues and attack cellulite on all fronts (promotes resorption of fibrous scar tissue, triggers intracellular lipolysis, increases the elasticity of connective tissue, enhances blood circulation, has a lymphatic drainage effect and reduces internal edema).

Прощай, целлюлит: 20 лучших средств для борьбы с «апельсиновой коркой»

Procedures on the Z wave device (duration 10-30 minutes — depending on the zone) eliminate the main thing — the cause of cellulite, while the achieved effect persists for a long time. Course therapy — optimal 4-8 sessions with an interval of 2-3 days – will provide visible turgor compaction, skin alignment in the most problematic areas (hips, legs, arms and abdomen) and the desired volume reduction.

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