Gifts for February 14 that strike right into the heart

“Happy hours are not observed” is a familiar quote to everyone, which, of course, does not apply to the time that was spent searching for a good gift for many hours. In honor of the upcoming Valentine’s Day, we alleviate possible suffering and publish a detailed guide of universal gifts (which you can quite please yourself with).

Подарки к 14 февраля, которые бьют прямо в сердце

Valentine’s Day has earned the title of the most controversial holiday, dividing society into several opposing camps. However, few people will argue with the fact that giving gifts is always a pleasure, so February 14 in our calendar is a great way to remind loved ones what they mean to us. But what if the surprise that you chose with special trepidation turns out to be unnecessary, useless to your loved one, and what’s even worse – it will upset or offend him (heart wounds on this day will be unnecessary)? In order to ease your suffering and curb the eyes that run away in stores, we have compiled a large-scale gift guide and selected the most interesting offers from the holiday collections of brands: choose based on the character or hobbies of your loved one and you will definitely not lose. Well, for those who are not touched by the holiday, we advise you to look for a gift for your loved ones in honor of the end of winter: a new T-shirt from an ironic capsule, a trendy cap or a practical wallet – as they say, a trifle, but nice.

Practical use

A stylish wallet or a printed cardholder, a pair of gloves or a cool notebook: practically useful gifts are always great, especially when the interests of the recipient of your gift are not completely clear to you. Shower gels this item, of course, does not include, but universal things that will be useful always, everywhere and to everyone are our choice. Everything will come in handy on the farm!


Samsung Galaxy S21 Smartphone

The course for romance

People close to you can pick up elegant underwear from capsule February collections. All kinds of festive and cliches on the theme of Valentine’s Day and love will perfectly support a romantic mood, and besides, they will be able to relieve the headache that is especially growing at the thought that the clock is ticking and there is still no gift. Remember that underwear, like fragrance, is a rather intimate gift, so the choice should be treated especially responsibly. If you are still afraid to lose with the size (this is fundamentally important here), choose something more “safe”: silk sleep masks, slippers or a bathrobe with an unusual ornament.


Paired fragrances Guilty EDP Intense Pour Femme and Guilty Parfum Pour Homme from Gucci Beauty


Fans of shopping runs, who have seen a lot in their lifetime, it is quite difficult to guess with a gift. But nothing is impossible. A pair of elegant earrings, a cool shopper from a new collection or an elegant watch to keep track of the time that flies away in shopping malls with incredible speed. And for those ladies who rush to buy some nice little thing from the accessory line every time they go to the store, we advise you to look for an elegant and concise jewelry box – a thing that you often really want, but there is no time, effort or desire to choose the ideal one.


Pandora Pendant

Vivid impressions

Unforgettable emotions are a gift that cannot be touched, but can be carefully preserved in the collection of the happiest memories. Any thing can eventually become outdated, boring or break down, but not the vivid impressions experienced together with your significant other. Emotions are what unites us, makes relationships stronger, more trusting and deeper. This is what lies at the heart of a happy life together. Therefore, an unusual romantic dinner with a breathtaking view of the city, a spontaneous mini-trip to beautiful places or a relaxing day of SPA treatments can be a good gift that will show how much you love your partner and appreciate the time spent together.


A special cocktail “from Valentine” with a declaration of love. If you have long dreamed of telling about your feelings, but did not know how — the intelligent cafe “Public” solved this task for you: from February 1 to February 14, valentine cocktails will be handed here. You can pay for the cocktail in advance and write a secret message to the object of your adoration on the attached mini-postcard. Enter the recipient’s phone number, and the restaurant will send a message: “Someone left a valentine for you!”. The cocktail “from Valentine” can be picked up until February 14 inclusive by calling the last digits of your phone number.

Sports interest

If hearts and stars don’t touch your loved one, but a new loud collaboration of streetwear brands or the release of exclusive sneakers makes your heart beat faster, it’s worth taking a closer look at the latest innovations from the near-sports industry. Hoodies, T-shirts, Olympians, sports dresses, fashionable sneakers or sconces for training are a great solution when your recipient is passionate about sports, loves an active lifestyle and generally does not mind chatting about how to make his life healthier (or just loves cool sneakers). There are a lot of cool sports capsules on the eve of the season, and almost all of them are loud.


Reebok Club C sneakers from collaboration with Cardi B

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