Fragrance of the day: Elixir des Merveilles by Hermès

A new luxurious invitation to the world of des Merveilles, full of wonders and unearthly charm.

Аромат дня: Elixir des Merveilles от Hermès

It is difficult to imagine the world of Hermès without such a chapter as Eau des Merveilles: it includes fragrances that balance between light innocence and mesmerizing femininity and thus achieve true perfume magic.

Similar to the brightest childhood fantasy, they fill the most ordinary days with poetry and bring a special charm to them. The key to the other side of reality, to miracles in the middle of a clear day — that’s what each olfactory composition des Merveilles looks like.

The celebration of magic continues in the new truly delicious Elixir des Merveilles perfume water – laconic and sensual, like the most exquisite sweetness. In one composition there are sparkling notes of candied orange pulp and fragrant chocolate.

Аромат дня: Elixir des Merveilles от Hermès

Аромат дня: Elixir des Merveilles от Hermès

Spicy woody notes combine with the chords of ambergris, resin extract and generous-sounding balms. This is a more festive version of the iconic fragrance, flaunted in a cheerful bright orange bottle decorated with silver star scattering.

“A concentrated and festive version of the famous fragrance is revealed by an appetizing creamy sponge cake covered with chocolate icing and sprinkled with powdered sugar. Sweet candied fruits are replaced by viscous woody notes of oriental balms and a lingering resinous haze of incense.”

From the official press release of the fragrance

Аромат дня: Elixir des Merveilles от Hermès

Elixir des Merveilles by Hermès

Notes: candied orange, chocolate, woody notes, ambergris accord, resin

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