Fragrance of the day: Allegra Baciami by Bulgari

One kiss is the price of an eternity-long perfume passion.

Аромат дня: Allegra Baciami от Bulgari

The Bulgari Allegra collection has become the epitome of paradise for lovers of aroma experiments: it has given the opportunity to give the fragrance individual characteristics thanks to special enhancing essences — now this or that sound can be yours and only yours.

The iconic line of Alllegra fragrances forms a recognizable emotional frequency, consonant with the lifestyle of Italians – whether it’s the carefree Mediterranean or Rome full of aesthetics.

Аромат дня: Allegra Baciami от Bulgari

Bulgari Magnifying Myrrh Enhancing Essence

This year, one of the most colorful perfume collections Bvlgari gets a new breath: we are talking about a new creation of the master perfumer Jacques Cavalier – Allegra Baciami fragrance from Bulgari (from Italian – “kiss”). This is a passionate, full of temptations tango of gardenia and vanilla, which leaves no one indifferent.

The key to it is the enhancing essence Bulgari Magnifying Myrrh based on two extracts of myrrh, a plant that is known for its fervor and extravagance.

“The passion of BACIAMI and the brightness of the MAGNIFYING MYRRH… BULGARI ALLEGRA enchants with the incredible abundance of Italy.”

From the official press release of the fragrance

Аромат дня: Allegra Baciami от Bulgari

Allegra Baciami by Bulgari

Perfumer:Jacques Cavalier

Notes: gardenia, myrrh, vanilla

Price: 18,820 rubles.

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