Fragrance of the day: A Kiss from a Rose by Kilian Paris

The dangerous and incredibly seductive beauty of the May rose, which opens up another facet of femininity.

Аромат дня: A Kiss from a Rose от Kilian Paris

Rose has always been an object of special passion for perfumers. And it’s not only her olfactory qualities that have long passed the test of time, but also how multifaceted this flower conveys the essence of the feminine principle – harmonious in its inconsistency, capable of being both soft and gentle, and unrestrainedly seductive and belligerent.

When creating the new fragrance A Kiss from a Rose, Kilian Hennessy and perfumer Alberto Morillas were inspired by the contrast that the rose carries. Its petals and thorns are two facets: beauty and danger, which are inseparable and interpenetrable. Delicate notes of rose petals — on the one hand, sharp vegetable chords – on the other. A composition that captivates with its hidden rebelliousness and seductive borderline.

The sound of the fragrance begins with a fresh, sonorous batch of green chords, which become a prelude to the opening of a bouquet of notes of May rose from Grasse and Arabian jasmine from China, giving the fragrance a fruity green hue. A trail of white musk and the essence of cypriol brings soothing, but still sensual notes into it, which you do not want to part with at all.

“In this composition I wanted to reproduce the image of rose petals and thorns. A Kiss from a Rose is certainly gentle, but, as in the case of a real rose, you need to be careful with it. It seems to warn you when you approach its owner!”

Kilian Hennessy

Аромат дня: A Kiss from a Rose от Kilian Paris

A Kiss from a Rose by Kilian Paris

Perfumers:Kilian Hennessy, Alberto Morillas

Notes: vegetable accord, May rose, Arabian jasmine, white musk

Price: 31,700 rubles.

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