Fragrance of the day: 1270 Extrême by Frapin

Aroma is an abmrosia imbued with the spirit of aristocracy and sophistication, which will make any day unique.

Аромат дня: 1270 Extrême от Frapin

The signature style of the Frapin House is impossible to imagine without fruit and honey sweetness, which always gives the brand’s flavors a special luxury and splendor. The Frapin family settled in the French Charente region back in the 1270s, the nature of which gave the brand’s perfume products a recognizable olfactory handwriting.

This summer, the House presents another ambrosia aroma, which instantly transfers to a luxurious French mansion with a fragrant garden, full of stylish privacy. In order to achieve the most aristocratic sound, master perfumer Jerome Epinette decided to combine fruit and woody sounds in one olfactory pyramid. 

Аромат дня: 1270 Extrême от Frapin

From the first puff, the fragrance captures the imagination with a waltz of intense notes of pineapple, vanilla and honey. The depth and unique aura are given to them by woody accents, as well as the aroma of tonka beans and praline. This fragrance is created to enjoy the unique moments of life and fully immerse yourself in your emotions.

Аромат дня: 1270 Extrême от Frapin

1270 Extrême by Frapin

Perfumer: Jerome Epinette

Notes: essence of elemi, bergamot, apple, pineapple, vine flower, rose, jasmine sambac, cedar, guaiac, patchouli, tonka bean, vanilla

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