Forget about it: Fashion habits that can put you off at first sight

It is impossible to make a first impression a second time. We share important tips on how to instantly win over a person only with the help of clothes, and what fashion mistakes should not be allowed in any case.

Забудьте об этом: модные привычки, которые могут оттолкнуть с первого взгляда

No matter how much we persuade ourselves that they see us off in the mind, they still meet us, no matter how you turn it, by clothes. Psychologists believe that the formation of the first impression of a person takes only a few seconds — and already through this prism the interlocutor is likely to interpret all further communication. Thus, your appearance can either help in this process, or, on the contrary, cancel out all the other efforts spent. Our columnist – image stylist, blogger and creator of the Dress to Impress good taste space Lyria Holdina tells about the most common fashion habits that can spoil the impression and alienate others.

Boredom is mortal

A well—built image is not about things. More precisely, not only about them. Clothes, shoes and accessories are just tools for broadcasting to the world what you want to tell about yourself. Faceless outfits lack character, and it seems that boring images hide the same boring people who prefer a banal uniform to a million possibilities. Look for your own zest and don’t be afraid to express yourself — others will definitely appreciate it!

Забудьте об этом: модные привычки, которые могут оттолкнуть с первого взгляда


Let’s face it: no one likes brand abuse. In the end, the question arises — what is behind them and why does anyone voluntarily turn himself into a live version of advertising, albeit a favorite, but commercial brand. In addition, the abundance of fakes, often characterized by the ubiquitous presence of “branded labels”, further devalues their significance and casts doubt on the originality of the image and your taste.

Sexuality on the edge

Alas, in the pursuit of pseudo-attractiveness and the desire to please modern girls sometimes forget about the sense of proportion. Elegant intellectual sexuality is in fashion, not vulgarity and frankness. That’s what you should strive for if your goal is to be taken seriously and treated accordingly. Believe me, men will also appreciate your choice!

Забудьте об этом: модные привычки, которые могут оттолкнуть с первого взгляда

All facets of eclecticism

As we have already found out, the desire to express yourself is great. But even in it it is important not to lose touch with reality, a sense of relevance and common sense. The heroes of the street style chronicles can experiment and shock the public as much as they like, but, unlike them, we need not to get into the photographer’s lens once, but to live our lives, enjoy it and surround ourselves with people who they share our interests and values. Let’s be honest: in the role of the clown from “It”, Harley Quinn or Lady Gaga at the dawn of her career, it is much more difficult to do this!

Overloaded with details

“I’ll wear all the best at once,” is another facet of the danger of “overdoing it.” Having overloaded the image with details, you can easily get lost in them. As the great Coco Chanel advised: before leaving the house, look at yourself in the mirror and take off one of your jewelry. The same applies to the abundance of intricate elements of the cut, the abuse of prints and too much passion for complex handling and combinatorics textures.

Забудьте об этом: модные привычки, которые могут оттолкнуть с первого взгляда


Getting lost in baggy things when you’re 18 and you’re Billy Eilish at the Grammy Awards is one thing. Wearing them on a regular basis is something else entirely. In practice, such clothes look sloppy and untidy, and these qualities can hardly be called attractive. Oversize looks relevant and impressive when the contour and shape of the thing is guessed behind it, so if you feel comfortable in relaxed images, pay attention to the quality of the cut and texture — they will help to maintain balance and not drown in layers and excessive volumes.
And don’t forget: you will never have a second chance to make a first impression.

About the expert

Lyria Holdina is a practicing image stylist, graduate of Istituto Marangoni and founder of Dress to Impress.

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