Forces wasted: 5 mistakes during weight loss that will bring a bad result (you also make them)

A nutrition and physical education mentor tells you how not to harm yourself and get a long-term effect.

Силы впустую: 5 ошибок во время похудения, которые принесут плохой результат (вы тоже их совершаете)

To lose weight quickly and effectively is a desire that makes you forget about the safety of methods. Some tips really work, but you have to pay for them with health, beauty or mental well-being. Which methods should be given up in advance and what is important to consider so that weight loss does not become a problem, says nutrition and physical education mentor Alice Balabenko.

The usual “eat less — exercise more” for many of us does not work in the case of healthy weight loss. There is no magic pill for this process that will help to reduce weight and avoid negative consequences. It is important to focus on long-term results and always be on the side of safe methods. What not to do when losing weight?

Lose weight without a goal or hope for an unrealistic result

Research shows that our brain needs specifics and confidence that this is possible. “I want to lose weight” is a subjective goal that does not motivate and works against us, because it will not be possible to track the effectiveness of efforts.

The same thing happens when expectations don’t match our capabilities. Agree, “lose 15 kilograms in 2 months” sounds like something unreal and very difficult. Most likely, after a few weeks, the arrow on the scales will not show big changes, and we will be disappointed in ourselves and abandon the attempt to transform the body.

It is better to set a goal to lose 3 kilograms every month, and then in 5 months it will be possible to lose 15 kilograms. The intermediate result will strengthen self-confidence and encourage you to go further (see also: Eat non-stop: 10 foods that make you constantly hungry).

Sharply limit yourself in the usual food

Changes in the diet in a short time cause stress in the body. When we give up the usual products, we create a trigger for ourselves. Most of the time, thoughts are focused on what is forbidden. Anxiety increases and the production of the stress hormone cortisol increases. Because of this, the main metabolism slows down and, as a result, weight loss does not occur.

Also in this process, the body needs more energy and food, because the level of glucose in the blood increases, which is synthesized from the breakdown of proteins, that is, muscle tissue. Fat reserves, on the contrary, are saved “for safekeeping”.

The best solution is to gradually give up food that adversely affects our body. It is worth removing “empty” food from the diet, which includes artificial additives. Focus on products with a single composition (natural food with minimal intervention).

Силы впустую: 5 ошибок во время похудения, которые принесут плохой результат (вы тоже их совершаете)

Life hack for beginners: do not buy food with a long composition. A large description of the elements means that the product is highly processed or contains unnatural additives that have a bad effect on the digestive tract and metabolism.

Divide food into “harmful” and “useful”

The most common and dangerous mistake is to mentally create a list of “good” and “bad” food. All products are neutral if present in normal quantities. A strong need for any kind of food may indicate a lack of vitamins and trace elements. In this case, it is worth reviewing the diet and adding products that will help to cope with the deficit.

In addition, you should not focus on food marked “dietary”, “eco”, “fitness”, since there is no single labeling regulation for these categories among manufacturers. Often in such products, some “harmful” elements are replaced by others that also do not benefit. For example, low-fat foods may contain large amounts of sugar for a better taste. They do not saturate, and we have to eat more.

Limiting yourself “at random” is a good idea if you want to create an imbalance of substances that the body needs. For example, if you refuse fats, the absorption of vitamins K, E, A and D is disrupted, the condition of the skin and joints, vision and memory deteriorates.

Before correcting the menu, it is important to learn about the basics of a balanced diet, so as not to harm health and beauty.

Use popular diets or starve

Diets and hunger strikes are based on a sharp reduction in the calorie content of the menu or a complete rejection of food. Many people hope that such a solution will help to increase the consumption of body fat. But it is important to know a few “shadow” facts before you take away your food.

After a diet, you will lose weight. But, unfortunately, not for long. With severe restrictions, the body begins to work in a stressful mode, consumes muscle fibers and accumulates fat reserves. During the calorie deficit, organs and tissues lose the ability to efficiently absorb nutrients. This leads to dehydration and hormonal failure. Also, the results of the study show that the metabolism slows down after several days of restrictions.

With diets and hunger, weight loss occurs due to fluid loss, but the weight will become the same immediately after returning to the usual diet.

In addition, such methods can become a starting point for the development of an eating disorder. Think about it, because it’s a vicious circle that looks like this: a week of strict restrictions and weight loss, breakdown, overeating, the previous weight on the scales and again a hunger strike

Remember that in losing weight, a quick result does not correlate with quality and healthy ways. Change your eating habits and lifestyle if you want to get a long-term effect and thank yourself after a while.

Train too much or pay not enough attention to sports

Силы впустую: 5 ошибок во время похудения, которые принесут плохой результат (вы тоже их совершаете)

Too much stress causes stress and affects the increased production of the hormone cortisol, which slows down the metabolism. It can also lead to muscle hypertonicity. And the lack of exercise slows down the metabolic processes and affects the loss of muscle mass.

In order for the body to have time to recover, arrange strength and cardio exercises 2-3 times a week for 40 minutes and do a short warm-up or stretching every morning.

We are all beautiful in any weight and body. Treat your physical and mental health responsibly, because it is more difficult to restore it than to spoil it. The result “for a long time” and taking care of yourself is a new trend that is definitely worth trying to feel better!

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