Flower of Youth: 6 magical properties of hibiscus that you didn’t know about

When we mention hibiscus, we immediately remember a beautiful flower, but not everyone knows that it has a lot of useful properties that your skin will be delighted with.

Цветок молодости: 6 волшебных свойств гибискуса, о которых вы не знали

Starting to grow hibiscus at home is a great idea, but it’s even better if the extract of this plant is firmly entrenched in your beauty routine. The fact is that, like most herbs and flowers, hibiscus boasts a wide range of medicinal properties for the dermis. It will never be superfluous to brew it into tea, but applying hibiscus directly to the skin as part of the care products is a win–win option if you want your skin to absorb the maximum of its healing elements.

The extract of this bright flower contains a powerful mix of plant antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and malic acid – and this is not a complete list of its “benefits”. In our article, we give seven good reasons why hibiscus should become your favorite care ingredient.

1. It supports the body’s natural collagen production (and youthful skin)

You can improve the production of collagen in a variety of ways – by consuming it as part of special drinks, in powder form, etc. But hibiscus is ready to offer something better: thanks to the high content of vitamin C in its composition, it is able to increase the intensity of production of the main building protein in your body, and in the most natural way.

Studies have shown that vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is an essential element for normal collagen production and regulation. The first thing the proteins responsible for these important processes need is ascorbic acid, which also stimulates the genes responsible for collagen synthesis. This literally means that hibiscus is the number one component in the formulas of care and antiage products.

Цветок молодости: 6 волшебных свойств гибискуса, о которых вы не знали

2. It also slows down the destruction of collagen

Increasing the production of collagen, which directly affects the youth and health of the skin, is one thing. But can the substance of hibiscus slow down the process of destruction of collagen molecules? The answer is yes, and with high efficiency.

It’s all about an antioxidant called myricetin, which is rich in this plant. It suppresses the work of collagenase, an enzyme involved in the destruction of collagen (collagenase activity increases with age, which is why the skin becomes less elastic and elastic). Myricetin in the composition of hibiscus can become your main assistant in the fight against premature signs of aging of the skin and maintaining its health.

3. It prevents the destruction of elastin

Elastin is the protein that makes your skin taut and elastic, and you need to take care of it no less than collagen. This protein is found in the connective tissues of the body and the skin, helping it to maintain its shape. But elastin is susceptible to destruction due to the activity of the enzyme elastase, the content of which in the body increases with age – just like collagenase. But even here hibiscus is ready to lend a helping hand: studies have shown that myricetin in its composition suppresses the activity of elastase, maintaining the production of elastin at a high level.

Цветок молодости: 6 волшебных свойств гибискуса, о которых вы не знали

4. It fights skin inflammation from the inside

As already mentioned, hibiscus is known to cosmetology due to its high content of antioxidants, including vitamin C and beta-carotene. In its extract, you can also find a highly effective anti-inflammatory pigment anthocyanin, which gives hibiscus a recognizable red-pink hue. If we talk about its benefits for skin care, then there are two important points: it reduces the intensity of oxidative processes in the dermis and the inflammation that they cause. Skin inflammation is often a reaction of the body to damage caused by free radicals. Antioxidants, which are so rich in hibiscus, help to neutralize their negative effects.

5. It contains a lot of AHA-acids, which contribute to deep cleansing of the skin

Hibiscus is widely known as a natural source of alpha hydroxy acids, including malic and citric acid, which are indispensable when it comes to delicately cleansing the skin and maintaining the brightness of the tone. If you apply hibiscus extract as part of the care products directly to the skin, you will help it to get rid of accumulated dead cells without unnecessary stress and maintain regenerative processes at a normal level. Hibiscus extract is also indispensable in the fight against hyperpigmentation: when applied superficially, it will give the skin a unique smoothness, softness and freshness.

Цветок молодости: 6 волшебных свойств гибискуса, о которых вы не знали

6. It speeds up the healing process

The ability to self–heal and heal is one of the most important functions when it comes to the health and beauty of the skin. Thanks to it, the dermis steadfastly resists numerous pathogenic bacteria and negative environmental factors. Studies have shown that substances in the composition of hibiscus increase the production of fibronectin, a protein that helps the wound to heal. They also stimulate the work of genes responsible for the regenerative potential of the skin.

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