Flies in front of your eyes: what diseases are they talking about

“Worms”, “crumbs”, “dashes” in front of your eyes — whatever those who have ever encountered it call this phenomenon. About its causes and what kind of malfunctions in the body it can indicate, we understand in our material.

Мушки перед глазами: о каких болезнях они говорят

Surely each of you, if you have not encountered it yourself, then you have heard from acquaintances, relatives, friends about such a phenomenon as flies in front of your eyes. What are “flies”? This is what we see as so-called spots, gaps, structures of different sizes. Flies can occur either in front of both eyes, or only in front of one; they can be a periodic phenomenon or permanent. But, of course, flies cause concern and a lot of questions. We understand the nuances of the phenomenon together with the neurologist, chiropractor, osteopath of the clinic Dr. Kramar Valery Kramar.

Why do flies appear?

Remember: fly to fly is different. Therefore, when they appear, it is necessary to see a doctor. Some flies appear at high pressure, others at low pressure. It is not only about eye pressure, but also about systemic pressure. In some people, flies appear when the retina is detached. Also, the appearance of flies may be associated with visual impairment, and with a violation of the nervous system. They can be a consequence of trauma, hidden damage to the eye or brain.

Flies can also be the cause of spasm or excessive vasodilation, so the assessment should be carried out exclusively by a specialist using fundus examination and other diagnostic methods.

Мушки перед глазами: о каких болезнях они говорят

What diseases can flies signal?

AnemiaA condition in which the volume of hemoglobin in the blood decreases.

It occurs when there is a lack of iron in the body due to an inadequate monotonous diet, when a person consumes a small amount of animal protein or refuses it altogether. Also, this pathology can occur with frequent bleeding, for example, from the nose, gums, with some infectious diseases.

Low blood pressureWith low blood pressure, dizziness may occur, visual acuity may decrease.

Also, people experiencing a decrease in blood pressure may complain of increased fatigue, drowsiness, fatigue. In addition, fog may appear in front of the eyes and those same flies.

Lowering blood pressure is promoted by stress, bad habits, violation of the drinking regime, malnutrition. There may also be other reasons that a specialist will help determine. When blood pressure normalizes , the condition returns to normal .

High blood pressureIt can be accompanied by headache, tinnitus, rapid heartbeat and also flies in front of the eyes.

Special medications that the doctor will prescribe after the examination and finding out the reasons will help to correct the pressure.

Diseases of the cervical spineThey can cause headaches, dizziness and the appearance of flies in front of the eyes.

These diseases often lead to increased blood pressure and hypoxia of the membranes of the eyeball.

Мушки перед глазами: о каких болезнях они говорят

Retinal detachmentThe most threatening sign is when the separation of the retina of the eye from the vascular membrane occurs.

Most often, this disease occurs with eye injuries, myopia, diabetic retinopathy, retinal dystrophy, etc.

Destruction of the vitreous bodyThis is a process occurring inside the eye, in which the transparency of the vitreous body is disturbed.

It can be observed when exposed to dystrophic, inflammatory, traumatic and age-related factors. As a result — the flashing of flies in front of the eyes, more like sticks or dark threads.

Eye injuries — hidden and obviousWith injuries, intraocular bleeding may occur, as a result of which blood enters the vitreous body.

In this case, a person begins to feel a decrease in visual acuity and see black or brown spots in front of his eyes.

Among other reasons for the appearance of flies:Carbon monoxide poisoning, various toxic substances, chemical agents;

  • Traumatic brain injuries, etc.

There may be many reasons, but it is always necessary to sound the alarm when flies appear and be sure to consult a doctor at the first symptoms, since early diagnosis will help solve the problem at the stage of its formation.

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Мушки перед глазами: о каких болезнях они говорят

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