Fitness vs Age: how to train at 35, 45 and 55

How and how much you need to do to always be in shape.

Фитнес против возраста: как тренироваться в 35, 45 и 55 лет

We don’t want to get old, but we want to conquer Kilimanjaro and the hearts of Malibu rescuers at any age (play beach volleyball with children and grandchildren, of course, too). It is important for each age period to choose not only proper nutrition, but also the type of activity. Fitness therapist Victoria Borovskaya tells you what exercises you need to do and what foods to exclude from the diet at 35, 45 and after 55 years.


What happens in the female body after 35 years? Quite serious changes: metabolism slows down, glucose tolerance is disrupted, insulin resistance appears. Simply put, our subcutaneous fat is redistributed along the abdominal type, and begins to accumulate in the abdominal area. That is why up to the age of 35, women tend to increase in volume in the hips, buttocks and breasts, and after the hated centimeters are fixed at the waist. Then, due to a shortage of male sex hormones, fat begins to be deposited on the back.

Фитнес против возраста: как тренироваться в 35, 45 и 55 лет

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What to do?

The first thing to do is to reduce the consumption of sugar and salt and start drinking not tea, coffee and lemonade juices, but simple clean water. Once you do this, four kilograms will go away by themselves in a week. However, if you haven’t been doing strength training before the age of 35, then it’s definitely time to start. You need to do it right: you can’t get up from the couch and go “pump up”. Most likely, problems with hip joints are already making themselves felt, as well as lower back pain. It is very important to start with working out the pelvic floor muscles, because it is these classes that are aimed at preventing urinary incontinence and organ prolapse. 

Training should be structured according to the principle of periodization:

  • the retracting period, so that the articular-ligamentous apparatus, muscles, and central nervous system adapt to the load;
  • developing period (to improve their condition), shock period (strength, power);
  • the recovery period, when the body recovers from the stress to which you subjected it before by increasing the weights.

Фитнес против возраста: как тренироваться в 35, 45 и 55 лет

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It would not be superfluous to cultivate the habit of walking from 15,000 steps a day, because only non-training activity contributes to a good metabolism and the same weight loss. It is better to give up cardio training as a way to lose weight, because after 35 years, women actively lose muscle mass. And if you want to walk on the beach in a bikini, and not in a pareo, the emphasis should be on clean nutrition and muscle development, and not weight loss to the state of a deflated balloon.


After 45 years, you need to completely forget about sugar in food and drinks. With age, the metabolic rate decreases, the level of sex hormones decreases, and a deficiency of thyroid hormones is added (the so-called subclinical hypothyroidism). You can’t continue to eat chocolates and rolls and hope that growth hormone (somatotropic hormone) will burn everything by itself, just like at the age of 18.

Фитнес против возраста: как тренироваться в 35, 45 и 55 лет

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What to do?

Stop harassing yourself with endless diets, which, apart from breakdowns, stress, bad mood and even more weight loss due to the boomerang effect, do not give anything. Make it a rule to move actively for at least 30 minutes a day and add strength training. Then you will be able to get past the standard situation when a woman over 45 years old with proper clean nutrition and sufficient physical activity does not manage to lose weight — it does not work just because of the provoked deficiency of various hormones, which will have to be corrected only with the help of a medical examination and the chosen treatment.

Фитнес против возраста: как тренироваться в 35, 45 и 55 лет

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Recommended workouts for this age should include exercises with a foamroller, develop and maintain the strength of the inner block (the cortex muscles are a group of deep muscles that ensure the fixation of the spine), exercises to mobilize the cervical, thoracic, lumbar spine and develop its optimal flexibility. After 45 years, you also need to train the mobility of large joints, develop the muscles of the back and hips, as well as work with rotational movements. And don’t forget about the most important thing – to walk from 15,000 steps a day.


After 55 years, the maximum aerobic capacity of the body decreases, the level of performance and endurance decreases, and the recovery rate after training slows down. Bones become brittle, and movements slow down due to lack of mobility in the joints. And the most unpleasant thing is that the function of muscle fibers decreases and their mass and strength decreases.

Фитнес против возраста: как тренироваться в 35, 45 и 55 лет

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What to do?

It is necessary to carry out strength training to maintain the work of skeletal muscles, increase or maintain mobility in joints, work on muscle strength and endurance, introduce breathing and relaxing exercises, engage in stretching to improve flexibility, develop stability and coordination in various positions (sitting, standing, walking).

Фитнес против возраста: как тренироваться в 35, 45 и 55 лет

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You should not neglect either aerobics, Pilates, or strength training, but it is very desirable to conduct initial fitness testing in order to understand the level of physical fitness and what aspect should be emphasized. Definitely need to limit:

  • sudden changes in body position and movement;
  • strong slopes;
  • exercises with a heavy load on the articular-ligamentous apparatus;
  • headstands, brushes;
  • flexing;
  • long-term static;
  • running;
  • group yoga, which does not take into account the individual characteristics of the state of the musculoskeletal system.

Your training program must include exercises such as chair lifts, wall squats, toe lifts, medball throwing, pilates. Also, make a special emphasis in training for women over 55 years on the development of balance. We all know how falls happen more often with age, are destructive, and after them the body is more difficult to recover.


Certified trainer, nutritionist and fitness therapist. The founder of the “School of healthy Fitness”.

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