Facts about anti-age that no one has told you about

Unexpected, useful and honest information about anti-aging products.

Факты про anti-age, о которых вам никто не говорил

Surprisingly, many women, noticing age-related changes and signs of aging in the mirror, for some reason do not want to solve the problem professionally. At the same time with this category there are others — those who have long “confessed their love” to anti-aging creams. At the same time, even before reaching the 30-year mark, they have little idea what the real effectiveness of such products is. To answer the age-old and painful question about the expediency of using anti-age cosmetics, we share the following facts.

Any cream can be rejuvenating

Факты про anti-age, о которых вам никто не говорил

If you don’t sleep enough, smoke, eat poorly and live in the rhythm of constant stress, then sooner or later your skin will go on strike. Despite the fact that until the age of 25-27 you looked young and fresh with this lifestyle, then you will certainly need aging prevention. And then (surprise!) you don’t have to buy a cream marked anti-age to delay premature aging (about the factors that determine its speed, read “Biological clock: 5 main causes of aging”). Do not rush to vote in rubles for a fashionable brand of anti-aging cosmetics. There are many professional masks, gommages, serums and peels that will help you replenish the reserves of structural proteins: collagen and elastin and slow down the processes of skin aging. At the same time, the anti-age label may be completely absent on their packages. If the cream solves your problem, and the result suits you, then the remedy suits you and it can definitely be called rejuvenating, regardless of whether it has an “anti-age” in the name or not. Unfortunately, for the same reason, nothing prevents the manufacturer from writing “anti-aging” on a regular moisturizer and calmly watching the sales of its products grow.

Anti-age care does not solve global problems

Факты про anti-age, о которых вам никто не говорил

Of course, everything is very individual. We all have different genetics and we age differently. But there is no point in using only an anti-aging cream at the age of 45, but at the same time constantly denying yourself a trip to a cosmetologist for a serious rejuvenating procedure. If you have numerous deep wrinkles, a noticeable loss of elasticity, and gravitational ptosis has already “dragged” the oval of the face to the “dark side of the force”, then relying only on an anti-aging cream is at least short-sighted and strange.

Professional cosmetology solutions are needed here, and cream alone will not help.

But, fortunately, if you “supported” your face up to this age, then anti-age cosmetics can perfectly fix and prolong the result that you received from an experienced cosmetologist. It is especially recommended for age-related and damaged skin “anti-age” creams with Centella Asiatica extract, with growth factors, with peptides, with succinic and lactic acid. They help restore blood circulation, reduce puffiness, restart collagen synthesis, relieve stress at the cellular level, restore the barrier functions of the skin — just a fairy tale, not ingredients. In any case, it makes sense to plan the purchase of anti-age cosmetics at the age of 30 (or at 25, if the climate and environmental situation around you leave much to be desired). Remember, the sooner you start maintaining a healthy state of your skin, the easier it will be to win the battle for youth in the future.

Effective anti-age can’t be organic

Факты про anti-age, о которых вам никто не говорил

The fashion for the philosophy in the style of “organic is better, more efficient and safer” has created favorable conditions for marketers who decided to cross the trend of anti-age products and natural cosmetics. The funny thing is that initially the mark “organic anti-age” was put on their tubes by representatives of mass-market brands. They can: they generally have the fame of some impressionists in the beauty industry. they write what they want. Then this “song” was picked up by luxury brands, and it simply became impossible not to pay attention to it. Professional cosmetics, no matter how hard I tried to stay above all this, could not resist. Therefore, sometimes even in the professional market you can find a jar with the sacramental “100% natural anti-age”. 

But organic cosmetics are not a competitor to real anti-aging treatments.

Despite the fact that honest organic producers (there are certainly such ones) pay great attention to ensuring that their raw materials for future products are environmentally friendly with the maximum content of active ingredients, they can hardly compete in efficiency with real anti-aging products (for example, with the addition of peptides). Let’s look at things adequately. Completely natural cosmetics can reduce the loss of transepidermal moisture, it perfectly increases the protective functions of the skin, but, unfortunately, it cannot correct serious age-related changes, slow down the aging process and get rid of deep wrinkles. Even if we talk about simple skin hydration, it is preferable to use a cream with hyaluronic acid. And as you know, it does not appear in cosmetics in an organic way at all. 

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