Facefitness: exercises at 25, 35, 45 and 55 years old (video)

We understand the age-related features of the popular non-injection rejuvenation technique: which muscles and how to train so that there are no wrinkles.

Фейсфитнес: упражнения в 25, 35, 45 и 55 лет (видео)

The older we get, the more noticeable our daily habits are on the face: the wrong position of the head and neck, overly active facial expressions, slouching directly affect beauty and youth. Facefitness promises to solve the problems — a set of exercises to strengthen muscles and skin tone. When to start? At what pace to practice? What exercises should I remember for a long time? About the features of facefitness in each specific age tellsElena Karkukli, founder of the International Facefitness Academy, author of the online course “Facefitness: the perfect face in 10 minutes a day” at .

Age: 25+

Visible age-related changes in your twenties are the result of “bad habits” of your face. Overly active facial expressions lead to the appearance of the first wrinkles on the forehead and between the eyebrows. After 20-25 years, the oval of the face loses a clear contour, a second chin is outlined. 


  • facial wrinkles;
  • swelling and dark circles under the eyes;
  • the first distortions of the oval face;
  • a tired expression on her face (the corners of Ivek’s lips droop down).

It is ideal at this age to start doing facefitness, even if you do not notice the first wrinkles yet. To study the philosophy of preserving youth is good at least for prevention. The bonus will be that thanks to the exercises, you can get rid of the habit of slouching, pinching your lips and squinting.

Axial stretching of the spine

Imagine that an invisible thread stretches up from the back of your head, on which you hang like a Christmas tree toy. The shoulders are beautifully lowered down, the thoracic region is open, the shoulder blades are slightly shifted to the spine, the neck is elongated. Do the exercise every day.

Chin, oval and side of the neck

Gently massage the oval of the face with the entire surface of the palm to capture the area under and above the line of the lower jaw. Gently move your palm from chin to ear. Without taking your hands off, continue stroking the side of the neck from top to bottom. Pay attention so that creases and creases do not form. Thus, “iron” each side at least 10 times.

Фейсфитнес: упражнения в 25, 35, 45 и 55 лет (видео)

Age: 35+

After 30 years, the skin experiences a lack of oxygen due to metabolic disorders and blood circulation. Noticeable pigment spots appear on the face, the color seriously deteriorates, the oval loses clarity.


  • pigmented spots;
  • enlarged pores (if the skin is prone to fat);
  • dull, yellowish complexion;
  • thinned lips;
  • nasolabial fold;
  • overhanging upper eyelid.

Massage of the scalp

Gently massage the head with the fingers of both hands from the sides to the center. Comb the back of the head from top to bottom. Perform daily for 30-60 seconds. Then gather large strands of hair closer to the roots, pulling them up slightly and shifting them to the sides. Work your whole head like this for 30-60 seconds.


Stand on your toes and gently pull the top of your head up. Pull your arms back, shifting the shoulder blades to the center, lower your shoulders down. You will feel a pleasant warmth between your shoulder blades. The chin should be parallel to the floor, the stomach is retracted, the knees are straightened, the buttocks are tense. Make sure that there is no deflection in the lower back. Stay in this position for 30 seconds, trying to keep your balance. Then relax and stand on the whole foot, lean forward and relaxedly round your back for 5-10 seconds. Slowly straighten up.

Age: 45+

After 40, the skin becomes very sensitive to negative environmental factors, reacts sharply to changes in weight and fluid. Edema is more bothered. The oval of the face continues to sag, nasolabial folds are deeply cut. Lips thin and pale, a network of wrinkles appears around. It is important to perform exercises regularly, not forgetting about maintaining posture and head position during the day.


  • problems with the eyelids;
  • dull complexion;
  • puffiness;
  • enlarged pores;
  • wrinkles and creases in the skin;
  • thin, pale lips
  • drooping corners of the eyes and lips;
  • facial muscle tension;
  • a tired expression on his face.


Take a clean cap from a small pharmacy bottle or a similar-sized object. Close (but don’t clench) your teeth. Insert the cap into the relaxed lips and make sure that no folds form above and below them. Hold the cap for 20-30 seconds. Feel how your lips relax.

“Smile to the sun”

Warm up your hands by rubbing your palms together. Barely touching the skin, stroke the face from the corners of the lips to the temples, as if you want to draw yourself a smile. When performing movements, do not stretch the skin. Repeat stroking 20-100 times. Feel how your face begins to smile internally and your muscles relax.

Age: 55+

At this age, deep wrinkles are laid, the face loses its clear contours, noticeably “sliding” down. Starting to practice after 50-60 years, it is important to understand that miracles do not happen, and exercises will not bring back the face of a 20-year-old girl. But it is in your power to look well-groomed, have a toned face, healthy skin color, without flabbiness and deep wrinkles. The main thing is to practice regularly. At this age, a balanced set of exercises is important – try to pay attention to every part of the face and neck during classes.


  • deep wrinkles;
  • uneven bumpy skin;
  • unhealthy complexion;
  • flaps and overhanging folds.

Lifting of the outer corners of the eyelids

Put your palms on your temples, pull them up slightly to the top of your head. Slowly and tightly open and close your eyes, repeat 20 times. Then stay in static for 20 seconds.

Stretching of the masticatory muscles

Open and close your mouth 5 times. With your fingers, feel the chewing muscles on the side of the face, to do this, close your teeth several times, you will feel hard muscle bumps under your hands. Slowly lower the lower jaw, while pressing and pressing your fingers tightly on the muscles. Push the muscles up slightly with your fingertips without moving the skin. Hold for 5 seconds in this position. Repeat 5 times.


Фейсфитнес: упражнения в 25, 35, 45 и 55 лет (видео)

Elena Karkukli

Founder of the International Facefitness Academy, author of the online course “Facefitness: the perfect face in 10 minutes a day”.

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