Eye color makeup: how to place accents correctly

We tell you how to combine colors and techniques of performing eye makeup correctly, and how to select the right cosmetics for this.

Макияж по цвету глаз: как правильно расставить акценты

Blue and gray-blue eyes

  • It’s a paradox, but nevertheless, girls with blue eyes should not use blue shadows. This will create an excessive blue “spot” on the face and will not emphasize the expressiveness of the look, but on the contrary, will wash it away. But dark blue mascara will look spectacular, focusing on lighter eyes.

  • When choosing a pencil, it is better to focus not on coal-black, but on a coffee-brown shade. In this case, the bet is on the contrast of light eyes and a soft dark contour, which also fits perfectly with almost any shadows.

  • Another pencil that is worth having in the beauty arsenal is a dull golden one. It can be used to highlight the inner contour. This technique will allow you to achieve a double effect: visually enlarge the eyes, as well as create a feeling of the glow of the gaze. Believe me, the expression “eyes are burning” is just a matter of technique.

Макияж по цвету глаз: как правильно расставить акценты

Макияж по цвету глаз: как правильно расставить акценты

  • Purple shadows of different intensity are a must–have for blue eyes. You can experiment with them indefinitely and look for good solutions for both daytime and evening makeup.

  • Fashionable metallic shades can also be included in the arsenal. But not all of them. The favorites should be terracotta and bronze colors. This will balance the makeup with a cool eye shade. The same rule applies to the choice of cream shadows. Golden and golden-copper tones will be a good solution, because they will not only emphasize the eyes, but also give the look softness and warmth.

  • As for smoky eyes in a gray-brown color scheme, it’s better to think carefully here: such a bright option can distract attention from the eyes themselves and create a feeling of congestion on the face. But the photos in a more neutral range will look more restrained. Golden, pale pink, chocolate shades will look elegant.


1/5 palette of eye shadow 5 Colors – limited collection En Diable (087 Volcanic), Dior

Brown eyes

  • Feel free to bet on black eyeliner and you won’t make a mistake: with its help, you can create an elegant and stylish makeup, emphasizing the cut of the eyes.

  • However, you should not limit yourself only to black. You can experiment with bright colors: pencils and eyeliners of violet and purple shades will make the look more mysterious. This, by the way, is a great solution for the evening.

  • Green and emerald pencils are able to make an advantageous accent on brown eyes: the play of contrasts will easily enliven the image, make the face fresher and even younger.

Макияж по цвету глаз: как правильно расставить акценты

Макияж по цвету глаз: как правильно расставить акценты

  • When choosing mascara, first of all pay attention to the one that twists the eyelashes and creates volume. And it’s not the quality of the eyelashes at all, but the fact that such mascara will emphasize the contrast between a dark pupil and a light white.

  • For brown-eyed brunettes, shades of a marine shade will be a win-win option. With their help, you can create makeup in the style of cat eyes, applying them to the upper eyelid and carefully shading, as well as slightly emphasizing the line of the lower eyelid.

Макияж по цвету глаз: как правильно расставить акценты

  • If you want to look trendy and impress everyone with the beauty of the look, decide on ultramarine shadows. Do not be afraid to use dark shadows for dark eyes – such combinations almost always look extremely impressive.

  • And another solution for evening makeup is false eyelashes. The main thing is to choose them correctly. If they are thin and neat, then in combination with a pencil they will make the look not vulgar, but sensually attractive.


1/6mini-smoky shadow palette Smoke, L’Oreal Paris x Isabel Marant

Green and gray-green eyes

  • There is nothing more obvious than a rich brown eyeliner for green and gray-green eyes: on the one hand, there is no excessive sharpness in it, and on the other hand, it sufficiently shades light eyes.

  • Another, perhaps not so obvious, but equally effective solution for green eyes is a gray contour pencil. This is again a game of contrasts and again very successful.

  • Shades of various variations of khaki will enhance the natural shade of the eyes. They will make the look deeper and even be able to visually change the natural color somewhat.

Макияж по цвету глаз: как правильно расставить акценты

Макияж по цвету глаз: как правильно расставить акценты

  • Favorite makeup artists shadows in sticks can be great helpers. The search should be conducted within the boundaries of the brown scale (and it is desirable to give preference to a matte texture). If the soul asks for a holiday, and the eyes for brightness, you can connect golden shadows, but they should not be shaded throughout the upper eyelid, but making a neat line along the growth line of the upper eyelashes.

Макияж по цвету глаз: как правильно расставить акценты

  • Mineral shadows look great in both daytime and evening makeup, and most importantly, they are easy to make a gradient on the eyelids. The gradient, made in dark purple shades, is perfectly combined with green eyes.

  • Green-eyed girls can also try to make unusual smoky eyes in pink and emerald colors. The classic gray-black palette may look a little rough and distract attention from the look, so be bold to take on the pink-emerald one.


1/6mnofunctional pigmented cream Concrete (Electric Pink), Krygina Cosmetics

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