Dry shampoo: why it is needed and how to use it

What does dry shampoo actually do with hair: gives volume, helps to do styling or refreshes the hairstyle? Together with the expert, we understand the essence of the issue.

Сухой шампунь: зачем он нужен и как им пользоваться


We say “shampoo”, we mean “cleansing”. It seems to be true, but not in the case of dry shampoo – dry shampoo. In any form – powder or spray (even earlier there were dry shampoos in the form of tiles, which had to be powdered on their own) – it absorbs fat and dirt from the surface of the hair, creating a feeling of cleanliness and freshness. The main components of dry shampoo – sorbents (usually natural starches – rice, potato, corn, oatmeal, clay, cosmetic powder) are responsible for the absorption of “sewage”. But even they won’t be able to help if the last time you washed your hair was a week ago. Dry shampoo will cope with a maximum of three days of contamination (which, however, is also very good).

Summary: dry shampoo does not clean in the usual sense of the word, which means it cannot be a full-fledged alternative to conventional liquid shampoo. But it noticeably refreshes the hair, which means it is good for emergencies and “masking” – when you need to hide the fact that you had no time to wash your hair yesterday. 

Сухой шампунь: зачем он нужен и как им пользоваться

From left to right: dry shampoo “Luxury gold” with a translucent powdery texture (ORIBE), dry shampoo REFRESH IT with a matte texture and instant freshness effect (LONDA Professional), dry mineral shampoo Mineral Play Back, instantly refreshing styling (Matrix), dry shampoo Drynamic+ with a matte texture and Reset Foundation recovery system (Sebastian Professional)


Yes, dry shampoo will “cheer up” drooping strands, lift them at the roots and structure them, giving the hairstyle extra volume. All together, it will look like the grunge style that never loses relevance and the light, but carefully thought-out carelessness that is especially popular today in the form of shag. In addition, the hair after dry shampoo will become much more obedient, and it will be easier to build a neat bun or a perfect tail from them.

Summary: especially this styling method is suitable for those who do not like to feel the presence of styling on their hair. It will be ideal for lovers of fleece: if you spray it on the roots, it will be enough to make only 2-3 movements with a comb, and the fleece will last much longer (at the same time you will injure the hair less). Dry shampoo is also suitable for textural weaves: with it, the hair will easily fit into the desired shape, and the hairstyle will be more airy. 

Сухой шампунь: зачем он нужен и как им пользоваться

From left to right: dry shampoo spray for styling Water Killer (EVO), dry shampoo for volume in the root zone FRESH.HAIR (Kevin.Murphy), “volumetric” dry shampoo for fine hair (Privé)

Rules of the game

Using dry shampoo is quite simple (especially if it is presented in the form of a spray). The can needs to be shaken well several times and sprayed onto the hair roots from a distance of about 15 centimeters from the head, then spread it evenly with your fingers, lightly massaging the strands, and wait 5-7 minutes, then comb and style the hair. 

Summary: firstly, apply dry shampoo only to dry hair (it interacts with fat, but not with water, otherwise you risk spreading real dirt on your head, and you will have to wash your head for real), secondly, do not use dry shampoo again during the day (and even more more than a few days in a row). At first, maybe you will see the effect of volume, but after half an hour the hairstyle will “fall off” again – since the more styling products on the hair, the heavier they are. Instead of reapplying dry shampoo, just bend down with your head and tousle your hair well: so you will “revive” the shampoo that was applied earlier. 

Сухой шампунь: зачем он нужен и как им пользоваться

From left to right: Dark Tones dry shampoo for dark hair with UV protection (Moroccanoil), NEW & IMPROVED dry shampoo with UV protection (Aloxxi), EIMI Dry Me dry shampoo with an airy matte texture for dizzying volume (Wella Professionals), invisible dry shampoo Four Reasons Black Edition for creating hairstyles (Csprofessional)

You need to remember

There is a myth that dry shampoo is a tautology! – dries the hair and scalp. Previously, some remedies did have such a side effect, but modern formulas are devoid of it.

Summary: with dry, brittle and damaged hair (especially on vacation, where the hair generously takes “sun baths”), you need to pay more attention to care and treatment and not abuse quick and easy ways of masking, such as dry shampoo.

Сухой шампунь: зачем он нужен и как им пользоваться

On the left: dry shampoo in the form of powder “Juniper” (MI&KO) – the ideal travel format. On the right: dry shampoo powder “Without water” (LUSH) – express remedy for locations where there is no bath or shower

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