Dream thing: 3 signs of the perfect dress that you will wear without taking off

The versatility of things is perhaps the most important quality of a modern wardrobe. We have compiled instructions on how to choose a single dress that is suitable for different occasions and at the same time will not become obsolete after a season.

Вещь мечты: 3 признака идеального платья, которое вы будете носить не снимая

The fashion industry has been changing dramatically lately. We see less and less difference between spring-summer and autumn-winter collections, trends flow smoothly from season to season, and fashion trends, although undergoing changes, but only to a small extent. No sooner have we recovered from one era than it returns to us again. And now the thing that we bought just five or seven years ago is back at the top of the trends. Therefore, there are fewer and fewer shopaholics among modern fashion lovers.

Вещь мечты: 3 признака идеального платья, которое вы будете носить не снимая

The ability to combine one thing with other wardrobe items, creating dozens of stylish combinations is the most valuable quality that will help you have many different relevant combinations with a minimum amount of clothing. We propose to start building a timeless wardrobe with the simplest and most familiar thing to us — dresses.

However, the range of versatile and timeless dresses is not limited only to laconic models in black. Minimalism is a popular trend, but not everyone likes it. We offer three simple steps that will help you choose the most versatile dress that really adapts to your wardrobe and will serve faithfully for many years.

Вещь мечты: 3 признака идеального платья, которое вы будете носить не снимая

Determine the style

There are dozens of different styles of dresses in fashion now, and among them there are many options that were popular both 20 and 30 years ago. And it’s not just the combination dresses that we usually refer to as a basic wardrobe. Take a closer look at the options with sleeves of different lengths, fitted or, conversely, free options, with or without collars — you probably know which model suits you best and perfectly adapts to your style. Of course, the most versatile option will be with a minimum of decor and accent details that make your thing less versatile.

Determine the length

Here we are given the largest field to choose from. Mini and midi will be more versatile for all seasons, because maxi dresses may not be so practical for a winter wardrobe. However, if you can easily cope with them, feel free to purchase the option in which you will be most comfortable.

Вещь мечты: 3 признака идеального платья, которое вы будете носить не снимая

Define the color

Of course, the simplest for styling will be a basic set of colors – white, black or nude. But, of course, this rule does not always work. Agree, if bright colors prevail in your wardrobe, the dark one can get out, and in general, the soul will not lie to it.

First of all, it is worth proceeding from what palette prevails in your wardrobe. It is better to focus on those things that are more in your closet, and to select a relevant shade for them. For example, if you prefer a gloomy palette to it, a dress of saturated shades will fit more harmoniously into your images. If, on the contrary, you prefer a wider and brighter palette, look for a white or pastel shade option. By the way, the delicate gamma will be no less universal and just as not out of fashion as the achromatic black-and-white duet.

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